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Against the backdrop of a rising tide of lumpens and louts running amok in Uttar Pradesh, a growing number of hitherto subdued women students in the state’s higher education campuses are determined to assert their constitutional rights of equality, freedom of movement and protection of personhood 

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With the BJP government at the Centre focused upon containing the disastrous fallout of the demonetisation initiative on the Indian economy, and preoccupied with implementation of GST countrywide, the important issue of reform of early childhood, primary-secondary and higher education was severely neglected

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What the EU has become with its call for “ever closer union” and a “United States of Europe” is far removed from the innocuous European Economic Community that we joined in 1973

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In the latest EducationWorld India School Rankings 2017-18, St. Stanislaus is the sole state board-affiliated private school ranked in the Top 10 national all-boys day schools league table dominated by CBSE and CISCE-affiliated schools 

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