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Although the Central and state governments continue to believe that it can remain education as usual, a new generation of edtech innovators are developing new digital technologies to enable a break away from traditional learning systems in the country’s pre-primary, primary-secondary and higher education institutions 

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In a year marked by controversies and agitations on university campuses countrywide, the critical issue of preschool, school and higher education reform was neglected by the ruling BJP/NDA and state governments

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DPSSL has quickly earned an excellent reputation for delivering high quality schooling combining academic rigour, co-curricular and sports education to its 3,400 students mentored by 208 teachers

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The first children’s library of the EducationWorld Foundation’s Mission Memorial Libraries project was recently inaugurated at the Parikrma Centre for Learning, Sahakarnagar, Bangalore, a free-of-charge K-12 school established for underprivileged children from slum households 

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In 1950-51, the total enrolment in higher education was 200,000 students. In the academic year 2014-15, it had risen to 33 million with private institutions playing a major role in the growth of higher education in India. In 2011-12, 64 percent of the total number of colleges and universities were privately promoted and enroled 59 percent of the youth in higher education. 

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