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Over a period of four months, a sample respondents database of 12,367 educationists, principals, teachers, parents and students in 27 cities countrywide were interviewed by 127 field staff of the Delhi-based C fore, to rate and rank the country’s Top 1,000 primary-secondaries

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Day Schools

Over 700 of India’s Top 1,000 schools rated and ranked in EWISR 2017-18 are co-ed day institutions. They are clearly the most preferred choice of middle class households countrywide

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Boarding Schools

For upper middle class households who believe in no-nonsense holistic, character building primary-secondary education in which the right balance is struck between academics, co-curricular and sports education in bracing climates, the country’s legacy boarding schools are still the preferred option

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International Schools

Defined by world-class infrastructure, IT-enabled classrooms, diverse student body, and wide range of co-curricular options, the country’s small minority of international schools have set new benchmarks in K-12 education in India

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Expert Comment

Curiously within Indian society, there’s lack of awareness of the strong econometric correlation between high-quality school education and national advancement and development

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