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In all lamentations about the pathetic quality of public education, the elephant in the room which politically correct commentators choose to ignore is the country’s 9 million-strong teachers community and its role in plunging teaching-learning standards to the nadir

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Abject sycophancy and pandering to the neta-babu brotherhood was on full display at the FICCI-ARISE School Education Conference 2017 convened by FICCI in New Delhi on April 3 

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The country’s 594 JNVs are arguably the most valuable legacy of the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. These free-of-charge CBSE-affiliated boarding schools are shining beacons of hope offering a small minority of rural students a lifeline to escape the grinding poverty and backwardness of village India

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Advocacy of PPPs and school vouchers in education is not based on the premise that private schools are necessarily superior or free markets ideology, but on principles of equity and efficiency

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Promoted by the Kanpur-based Sparsh group of companies, JPIS (estb. 2004) is among the first K-12 schools to acknowledge the critical importance of dispensing skills education coterminously with traditional academics 


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