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The great Indian middle class seems unmindful that government regulation of fees of private independent schools — the sole bright spot of a crumbling education system — could be the first step towards levelling them down to the pathetic condition of government schools defined by ramshackle buildings, multi-grade classrooms, unusable toilets, and abysmal learning outcomes

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A sequel to the first-ever EducationWorld India Private Higher Education Rankings 2017-18 league tables published in May, the four-hour awards nite programme celebrated the country’s most admired private universities, engineering institutes and B-schools whose growth, development and potential tend to be obscured by mainstream media 

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With major technology innovators investing heavily in artificial intelligence, it’s certain that all work and learning will be reshaped by AI in the mid-term future

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Consistently ranked among India’s Top 50 day schools by EducationWorld, USGS has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing contemporary ICT-enabled preschool to class X academics supplemented with co-curricular and sports education 

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