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The deep divide between the quality of textbooks prescribed by elite schools affiliated with pan-India and offshore exam boards such as CISCE, CBSE, CIE (UK) and IB (Geneva) and the slapdash and sub-standard textbooks imposed upon the majority of hapless children enrolled in schools affiliated with the 31 state exam boards, is wrecking K-12 education and dividing India

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Hitherto unknown and unappreciated, think tanks are thriving in India with many coming of age. In the latest (2016) annual survey of the world’s top think tanks conducted by the University of Pennsylvania under its Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, nine Indian think tanks are ranked among the Top 175 globally 

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Founded in 1972 as the Spastics Society of India and rechristened ADAPT (Able Disabled All People Together) in 2007, this pioneer special needs education NGO has transformed into the country’s foremost advocate of inclusive education for children and youth with disabilities

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The existing education system has failed to provide acceptable quality education to all children. Therefore, there’s no alternative but to seriously consider decentralisation of the school system

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Ranked Coimbatore’s #1 co-ed day school in the EducationWorld India School Rankings 2016-17, in the short span of 12 years YBPS (estb. 2005) has established an excellent nationwide reputation for delivering holistic education

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