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There’s pervasive fear and panic within the parents’ community that the country’s 1.08 million government and 328,845 private recognised schools (and an estimated 300,000 unrecognised private budget schools) with 250 million children, are rapidly turning into danger zones lacking the most basic child safety and security measures 

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Special Report

Modestly launched in 1999 with the huge ambition “to build the pressure of public opinion to make education the #1 item on the national agenda”, EducationWorld has succeeded in moving education of the world’s largest child population from the peripheries towards the centre of the national agenda. In this special report we highlight the great and small issues that have impeded education development

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18th Anniversary Essays

One wonders whether principals and management committees of ostentatious high-end schools have any awareness of the most commonly known ideas about how children learn and grow up

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In the recently published EducationWorld India School Rankings 2017-18, BCGS, which has an enrolment of 4,100 students mentored by 150 teachers, was ranked the #1 girls day school in Bangalore and Karnataka, and #11 nationally 

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