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10 Best jobs for introverts

10 Best jobs for introvertsIn today’s highly interconnected world, most of us love to be social butterflies, and keep our workplaces and homes abuzz with noise, activity and social interactions. However, it is not the same for all, because some like to be quiet, with limited interactions and focus only on their work. For most introverts, socialising can sound like a bit difficult task, giving them goose bumps or clammy hands.

However it definitely does not mean that introverts are not good at what they do. But preferably, they like peaceful atmosphere and can work better in solitary work spaces with limited interaction and can produce exemplary work. Infact many great writers, programmers, scientists and bloggers are introverts. It is always best to find jobs that suit our core personalities and skills. Listed below are a few jobs for the introverts.

Animal Care

Animal Care

Many introverts find it soothing to work with animals, rather than humans. This field offers job opportunities such as a marine biologist that involves scientific study of marine life and organisms in the sea; a veterinarian, and an animal trainer. With the steadily increasing number of pet lovers and animal care NGOs in our country and abroad, there is tremendous scope for animal care jobs. And the icing on the cake is all of these jobs pay quite well.

Web Developer

Web DeveloperA web developer is mostly engaged with the development of World Wide Web applications, and communication is mostly via an online chat rather than a face-face interaction. With the digital technology boom at its peak, there will never be a dearth of jobs for a web developer for at least another 15 years. Hence for most introverts, this profession is well suited.


WriterMany introverted people are often talented writers. Writing has a range of job options today. One can become a short story, non-fiction, or a novel writer. Also, there is a great demand for content writers with many multinational companies. If you are from a science background, then you can opt for technical writing that involves creating user guides, instruction manuals for all sorts of products. This is one of the best careers for people who love to indulge in penning their thoughts and like to avoid human interactions at work.

Field Researcher

Field ResearcherDepending on your choice of subject – humanities or science, you can choose a job profile that will involve a lot of field research such as a geologist, astronomer, or an archeologist. These jobs are mostly research inclined and much of the work thrives in undisturbed environments with limited human interactions.


StatisticianMany mathematicians are introverts and love to keep solving problems. A core area that is in great demand in both the private and public sectors is that of a statistician whose job profile basically is to gather numerical information to help companies to make sense of data and spot trends. In case you want to work part-time you can opt to become a statistical consultant with a company.

Fine Arts/Musician

Fine Arts/ MusicianA great career for an introverted personality is fine arts. This profession gives you tremendous scope to work on your passion with absolutely no interference or disturbance from anybody. You can only concentrate on your passion and make a mark in the society. Also, with the increasing understanding of creative work, among the urban dwellers, there is scope for painters, sculptors and illustrators. The same with the musicians, who can pursue their art and require only minimum interaction to showcase their work before the public. Musicians both Classical and Western can definitely find regular jobs in music studios or in film/TV industry.

Social Media Manager

The job of a social media manager best fits the bill of an introvert and can be thought of as a great career option as they have to specialise only in virtual interactions. Further, this has become the trend today where most businesses are hiring individuals and building teams specifically to build client and customer base through social media. Infact along with social media managers, even digital marketing jobs are gaining much prominence in order to increase sales/revenue and customers of a company.  


Interpreter/translatorIf you love learning languages then you can become an interpreter or a translator of a foreign language. An interpreter works with the spoken word, whereas a translator works with the written word. An interpreter is paid either by the hour while translator could be paid perhaps on per word/per hour/per page. However, there is a great demand for both especially due to globalisation where many companies have offices in different countries.


ArchivistThe profile mostly involves preserving permanent records in a library, a museum, or even within a corporation. Archivists spend a lot of time with the physical archives and hence need not have to worry about interacting with too many people. However, there is not much demand for this kind of a job profile but nevertheless, you can try creating your own career path.

IT savvy jobs

IT savvy jobsGreat avenues have opened in the world of IT and technology such as programming, app making, game designing and software development. Most introverts will find these jobs suitable and in compliance with their personality traits because these jobs will allow complete concentration and single-mindedness to produce positive results.

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