10 Great tips for writing a college essay

Do you find yourself struggling to write a college essay? Well, its great that you landed on this page because here you are going to learn some proven techniques of writing a great college essay. Oxbridge Essays, the leader in essay writing services, has collected and presented these helpful guidelines for your benefit:
Start early

The more time you spend in writing, the less stressed you will feel later. You have to allocate more of your time in giving your college essay the best effort.

Just be yourself

For a moment, reflect inwards and consider your interests and what you really want to talk about and what is the thing that makes you sit up. Also, you should pay attention to what is mentioned inside the class or on the television. You can then start writing. Most often, the biggest mistake that college students make is to write about something they think others will be impressed with instead of those issues or events that really matter to them.

Be honest

You are losing time to write and nothing comes into your mind and somebody emails you a story that touches your heart. It is not a good idea to use someone elses work so that you can come up with yours. Doing so will make you lose your credibility because as a writer, you are obliged to write and produce original work. Copying and plagiarism are strictly prohibited.

Be willing to take the risks

However, some risks that you dont want to take could bring some good into your life. You should never settle for an essay that everybody else writes. When you are about to write a college essay together with your classmates, before getting started, you must ask them what they wish to write about and then think of an interesting topic that nobody else is writing on.

Concentrate on the job at hand

Your essay is your only opportunity to tell the admission officers exactly why they must consider you for admission in the institute. Most often than not, students list out a host of reasons for considering them for admission, including their academic record, their sporty prowess and their performance in terms of community service. Once they do this, the essay will appear as a grocery list. So, it is important to be specific and focus on one or two key strengths of yours.

Though the usual college admission essay comes with a recommended word count of 650 words, each admission officer has a big load of essays to read every day and he or she would not like to spend more than a few minutes reading each essay. A long essay may make them lose their patience. So it is very important to stick close to the essay question so that your essay is brief and to the point.

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