10 Tips for those joining college this year

If you have just finished school and stepping into college this year, you will feel the gush of freedom in this transition from school to college but remember with freedom comes responsibility. We have 10 tips to help you deal with new life, new experiences and new situations in college.

1. Step in with positive energy and leave the prejudices you may have heard about the people, professors, courses or college itself which are result of free advice and anecdotes shared by relatives, acquaintances and people you know.

2. There are no uniforms in college and you are most likely to be stressed about deciding what to wear every single day, set up your wardrobe with outfits that blend well with various combinations. Remember you will need as many clothes as many working days so purchase them during a sale or pick up them at smaller markets with lesser prices.

3. Campus life is nothing like a Bollywood movie, there will no flower showers, music playing out of nowhere or people dancing in classrooms. Get rid of these misconceptions.

4. Introduce yourself to your professors and meet them during office hours. Make yourself seen and heard to them, when they notice your interest in their lectures they are most likely to go out of their way and help you.

5. There are many free activities on campus make the most of them, do not undermine them because they are being offered for free, similar activities outside college are offered with a price.

6. You must learn to guard ourselves from bullies on your youre your parent can no longer give a phone call to complain to the bullys parents or the college management may not intervene to rescue, atleast not every time.

7. Sit near the front of class, this will probably keep your attention more focused on what is being taught, you are closer to the seeing the blackboard better and hearing the professor louder.

8. Attend the whole class no matter how bored or perished you may feel. Professors usually give some really good and worthy information at the end of the lecture.

9. Make friends with seniors and borrow their notes, old test papers, lab records capstone projects and other resources. Trade off with this friend for his/her help.

10. Do not anything irresponsible which could be illegal also. Learn to discern fun from danger, anything that goes wrong will stick to records permanently affecting your entire life and sometimes beyond it depending on severity of the mishap.

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