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165 private schools in Bangalore served notice for hiking fee

May 23, 2020

The education department of the Karnataka government has served show cause notices to around 165 private schools in Bangalore on May 20 for hiking fee for the new academic year 2020-21 despite its order stating not to.

The education department, in a press release, stated that it has received 829 complaints from parents against 165 private schools from both Bangalore Urban and Bangalore Rural districts on their helpline number regarding the fee hike. The Karnataka Primary and Secondary Education Department has acted on these complaints and have sent notices to these schools. Parents have filed a total of 710 complaints against 116 private schools in Bangalore South, 113 complaints against 45 schools in Bangalore North, and 6 complaints against 2 schools in Bangalore Rural district. Only 370 complaints have been disposed off so far by the education department, stated the release.

The notice sent by KG Jagadeesha, commissioner of the Department of Public Instruction, refers to the government order passed on April 24. The order had directed schools not to increase the school fee for the new academic year. It urged schools to consider the current scenario due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and directed not to implement their yearly hike of 15 percent.

However, despite several parents raising the issue of fee hike with school managements, many have disregarded the order and continued to demand parents to pay the hiked fee. 

Earlier, the Supreme Court disposed of petition by private college students seeking fee rebate in the wake of Covid-19 lockdown. The petitioners also requested the court to order the college administration to allow some relaxation to students but the top court refused saying they should talk to the concerned university. The apex court asked the petitioners’ advocate how will the colleges run and pay salary to their employees. 

The students’ plea was based on the fact that due t

Source: The New Minute

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