5 Tips For Students To Prioritise Work!

When it comes to managing time while studying in college, students need to maintain a healthy work-life balance. More often than not, college students find it challenging to balance their studies, work, and other hobbies. A lot of time is being consumed by activities that are not quite important.

ExpressVPN’s survey helps debunk common theories that all college students do is play video games, in fact their latest report reveals that Gen Zers are not the most game-heavy generation.  Regardless, student’s live a busy life of social commitments, hobbies, and studying. Let’s look at some time management tips that can help students maintain a healthy work-life balance for themselves.

How To Manage Time While Studying?

Whether gaming or going out with friends and partying, college students can not completely remove these activities from their lives. However, it is also essential to understand that doing things last minute and procrastinating can lead to a poor work-life balance. Most college students do jobs to finance their expenses while managing their college work. With such strenuous schedules, students must understand that managing their time will help them eliminate a lot of stress related to these activities.

Tips To Prioritize Work!

College students need to maintain a work-life balance. They need to remove distractions and make time for activities that will benefit them in the long run. If you are someone who finds it hard to make time for college work, studies, and other things, here are five tips for you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • First and foremost, create a work board and maintain it in order of the things you need to do. Create a proper schedule so that you can get time for yourself while studying and working. Make sure to create a priority list of things that you need to do before a specific time.
  • Be it a difficult assignment or a project that you need to do. Make sure to consider deadlines for all your projects and assignments so that you can do them orderly. Even if you find assignments difficult, finishing them timely rather than rushing through them at the last minute is better.
  • Even if you have a monthly or weekly workboard, create a daily schedule for yourself. This will make it clear to you the things that you need to do before the day ends. If you are not able to complete all the tasks, you can still finish important tasks to reduce procrastination.
  • Additionally, reduce your screen time and utilize that time to do something productive. Even if you do not plan to work on a college assignment or work-related project, it is beneficial to use your free time to learn new skills is helpful. Even though social media is quite important, it consumes a lot of your time.
  • Try to cut out distractions from your day-to-day schedule and minimize any activities that could remove your focus from the task that you are currently doing. If you are easily distracted by your phone, try to turn it off for some time. If you get distracted by loud noises and people, find a quiet space to work in. These small steps can help you save a lot of time.


When it comes to managing your time, it is important to create daily goals for yourself. This will help students prioritize projects and assignments that are due soon. Additionally, create a reward system for yourself, where you can enjoy certain activities only after you have completed a specific task.

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