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5 ways in which Fashion Communication degree is transforming the new age job industry

Fashion is an ever-changing ecosystem; what we see in vogue today may not be there tomorrow and then the same trend may re-appear after a few years. There are various factors that affect this semi-gradual change, and thus young aspirants who are interested in working in the fashion industry ought to understand its interlinked, multi-channel processes.

Today, digital social platforms are playing as significant channels to associate the distinctive style partners. From a communication POV (point of view), it is crucial to understand how message creation, deliverance and sharing works on these channels. This is because the content shared, network dynamics, the power of post sharing, and the impact of digital influencers are some areas that greatly affect how a brand is perceived by the customers.

Anyone who handles fashion communication in this day and age ought to be fluent in using various technologies, such as AI, analytics, automation chat bots, virtual reality, mobile apps, etc. The main idea is to create better experiences for the end users.

Due to the complex nature of the industry and various other factors involved, Fashion communication in itself has become a distinct subject of study.

What students can do with a fashion communication degree

The scope of career for students who earn a degree in Fashion Communication is vast, and opens up the door to several new-age career options such as visual merchandise management, graphic designing, public relations, art direction, and fashion journalism. Let’s take a look at each of these careers and how a Fashion Communication diploma/ degree can benefit the students:

  • Visual Merchandise Management

Visual merchandising is the art of displaying fashion products in an appealing way to grab customers’ attention. It is a live visual promotion system for the products. The point is to engage the watchers. Ask any fashion enthusiast and he/ she would tell you that the presentation style of an item has as a lot of bearing as its own quality.

A lot of planning, arrangement, coordination and execution go into creating an eye-catchy merchandising theme that ultimately leads to brand-building. Standards like instructive limit, view-ability, and innovative representation are also dealt with during execution.

By learning the strategies involved in fashion communication around design and display, the professionals can create strategies like in-store shows, open air shows, design shows and style photography that leaves an impression on the viewers and converts them into active customers.

  • Graphic Design

Fashion Communication degree also teaches students the various aspects and techniques involved in graphic design. It gives them an understanding of various elements like colors, hues, shades, and patterns, along with the importance of balance in each of these elements.

This knowledge helps them have an insight for what would make an appealing impression and can thus provide useful suggestions to the digital and print media partners. They also have the advantage of being able to take care of creative impressions by themselves.

  • Fashion Styling

Fashion styling is an emerging career option out of the fashion communication course. As fashion is on the rise, there is a big demand for fashion stylists in the media, film, television, print and the internet. The course prepares the fashion communication students with a professional training about how to dress and create a look for an individual based on a particular theme, event, personal style statement and the ongoing fashion trends etc. The students are thus equipped with the knowledge of body types, personalities, fashion trends, fashion forecast, fashion makeup and photography skills to achieve the perfect image makeover. Fashion stylists are absorbed in the fashion industry by brands, designers, celebrities, movie and television directors for a lucrative and creatively satisfying career.

  • Art Direction

An art director decides the effective visual presentation for various elements to make any scene or space appealing, inviting, and in sync to the brand image. The art of identifying and choosing the right themes for store display, dresses of choice, mannequin positions and poses, the choice of lighting, etc. are all parts of fashion communication study plan.

This art for recognizing the optimal design for any presentation as a part of the fashion communication curriculum prepares the students to effectively exhibit the products to the potential buyers.

  • Fashion Journalism

Words have the ability to ignite interest and influence thoughts. It is no new information that influential writing is fundamental for effective campaigns. For the same reason, fashion communication also teaches the student about creative writing, which helps them understand how to write great copy that would make a substantial effect on a product’s promotion and sales.

  • Fashion Forecasting

Fashion forecasters predict fashion trends and the buying behavior of the consumer based on past and present fashion trends of the industry. Fashion forecasting focuses on upcoming fashion trends in the global fashion industry. A forecasters role is to predict the fabrics, colors, prints, textures, graphics, makeup, beauty grooming, footwear, street styling, ramp styling and other fashion related trends which are put up on the ramp as well as the stores every season. Fashion forecasters work closely with brands, designers, fashion magazines and forecasting firms, making them indispensable in the fashion industry.

Authored by Sanjeevani Ayachit, officiating director, Symbiosis Institute of Design.

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