A Step-By-Step Guide to a Career in Cloud Computing

Everything is getting online these days, from paying electricity bills to gas bills. Then why one needs to physically deliver computing power services such as CPU, network speeds, RAM to the customer’s location. Here cloud computing comes into the picture as it delivers these services via the internet to the customer.

Career in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is expanding its wing and needs skilled employees, to fly and reach greater heights together. Do you want to be one of the skilled employees? Or you don’t know where to start? No worries, if you’re ready to take advantage of this new opportunity, we have narrowed down the step-by-step guide below that will help you get the answers:

Step 1: What do you know?

You should ask yourself, what do you know. It is okay if you don’t know about cloud computing, but having some basic IT skills such as Linux basic knowledge, windows, the idea of how your operating system works, and some networking skills are necessary.

These are some basic things, and yet it is enough for you to start working with cloud computing.

Step 2: Fundamentals about Cloud Computing

Now that you know, you have some IT skills; it’s time for you to start learning about the basics of cloud computing. There are many online courses available that will give you proper cloud computing training. With the help of these courses, you will be able to learn the difference between public and private cloud and advantages and disadvantages in the long term for cloud companies.

Step 3: Know Why Linux and Networking is important for Cloud computing

When you first approach cloud computing, chances are Linux operating system will become your new best friend. Linux will be the operating system you will use if you are using an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform.

Linux is the primary choice of companies that work with scalable environments and web applications. For instance, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform are built around many Linux concepts. In some cases,  you will also find software that is specifically designed for Linx, such as Docker. As a developer or system administrator, you will find this software more and more.

Step 4: Training in cloud computing

Its time for you to polish your skills and get proper training in cloud computing from a reputable institution. There is an increase in demand for cloud computing professionals from all over the world; that’s why it is essential to be skilled and adequately train yourself in this technology.

However, if you are working professionally and thinking of resigning from it to pursue cloud computing technology, then please stop, as it won’t be necessary. You can learn and get cloud computing training at home with the help of courses available online. It will save you time, and with the help of a professional instructor, you can get trained in this technology.

Step 5: Get your cloud computing certification

Getting certification in cloud computing from a reputable institution will make your candidature more eligible. Getting certification will ensure that you get a better position in the IT industry.

Cloud computing training from a reputable institution such as jigsaw academy, gives you lab experience for every tasked performed on cloud platforms. You can enhance your skill-set and reach new heights in your career.

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