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Accelerating Digital Transformation In Education

EducationWorld January 2022 | Magazine Spotlight Feature
Vinod Malhotra
Learn From Digital Pioneer Eric Sheninger in STTAR Session
– Vinod Malhotra, Chairman, Academic Council, Saamarthya Teachers Training Academy of Research (STTAR), Ghaziabad

The inexorable power of digital technology is transforming our world and our lives for the better. In the education landscape, particularly, rapid digitalization of pedagogy, learning processes, and operations is empowering teachers and preparing learners with competencies to thrive in a dynamic, digitally-connected world.

Educators today need the right set of digital resources and the correct methodology and effective approach to develop digital leadership skills. This methodology and approach are not easy to come by. Experts have modelled and tested strategies that yield desired results and refined them for ready implementation in the education ecosystem. One of these educator-turned-digital pioneers is Eric Sheninger, author of the bestselling book, Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms For Changing Times.   

To tap into the expertise of Eric Sheninger, Saamarthya Teachers Training Academy of Research (STTAR), Ghaziabad, is conducting a special training programme in a virtual session on DIGITAL LEADERSHIP AND LEARNING on 29th January 2022. The session to be helmed by Eric Sheninger is intended for all educators, principals, directors, faculty, and even the administrative staff in educational institutions across the world. The reason for the relevance of this session to so many people is the broad scope of the Seven Pillars of Digital Leadership that Sheninger will elaborate on in great detail.

Digital Pioneer Eric Sheninger in STTAR Session

Seven pillars of digital leadership and their relevance to education:

  1. Student Engagement & Learning: Enhancing student engagement and outcomes through purposeful use of technology.
  2. Learning Spaces & Environment: Establishing a vision and plan to create innovative learning spaces in educational institutions.
  3. Professional Learning and Growth: Forming your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) to meet diverse learning needs.
  4. Communication: Utilizing digital tools for enhanced internal and external communication.
  5. Public Relations: Using social media tools to form a positive public relations platform.
  6. Branding: Creating a positive brand presence to highlight the best aspects of school culture.
  7. Opportunity: Identifying and seizing opportunities created by a digitally aligned ecosystem.

The 2-hour virtual session on Digital Leadership and Learning by Eric Sheninger will be divided into seven sections, each of which is aligned to one of the seven pillars. During the session, the digital pioneer will present new concepts, explore questions and share actionable strategies to spur professional and institutional growth by leveraging the power of digital technology. Several benefits and takeaways make this STTAR session extremely pertinent:

Benefits and takeaways of digital leadership and learning session

  • Learn to utilize the Rigor/Relevance Framework: The International Center of Leadership in Education (ICLE) has created a special tool called the Rigor/Relevance Framework for examining curriculum, teaching instruction and student assessment. Eric, who is an associate partner with ICLE, will guide the session’s attendees in using the Rigor/Relevance Framework to analyse instruction and pedagogy both with and without technology.
  • Develop an understanding of digital pedagogy: The session will help the participants learn about digital pedagogy and develop and in-depth understanding to create new teaching capacity.
  • Build SEL Competencies: Educators will learn to identify the key elements of personalized learning to improve their school culture. Moreover, they will get to build social-emotional learning competencies.
  • Assess one’s work: The participants will learn to create an effective plan to collect observable evidence for measuring the effectiveness of their work through technology.
  • Plan professional growth: The session will help teachers to create systems and schedules for active engagement in personalized professional growth.
  • Establish better communication: Educators will be empowered to create effective communication plans to engage with all stakeholders.
  • Leverage the potential of storytelling: Last but not the least, teachers will learn to use the positive power of storytelling to highlight successes and innovative practices in their schools.

To top it, the attendees of the STTAR session on Digital Leadership and Learning by Eric Sheninger will also get an exclusive access to 6 recorded lectures on school leadership along with highly useful resource material. The entire session has been planned and designed by STTAR keeping in mind the needs of a new-age educator and with the aim of facilitating development of new knowledge, skills and competencies for accelerating the successful digital transformation of the education landscape.

The registration for the session is currently on at

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