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ACM India hosts ACM COMPUTE-2015 on Big Data & Analytics

November 3, 2015

ACM Delhi-NCR student chapter of ABESEC hosted “ACM COMPUTE -2015”, a peer reviewed conference series that is held in India under the aegis of ACM India. Eighth in the series, Compute 2015 was hosted from October 29 to 31, 2015.
Technically sponsored by Google, the aim of this conference was to bring together researchers, practitioners, technology market movers, and thought leaders, with a view to advance the state of the art, and the state of the practice in applied research. The conference provided a forum to discuss diverse contemporary research and practitioner perspectives covering this theme.

It was a golden opportunity for all the IT and CS branch engineers to present their innovative ideas and research on their respective chosen topics in the form of paper and poster presentation. ACM Student Chapter of ABESEC set a chance for all those aspirants to convey their ideas in front of dignitaries and jury members through which they can get a path to uplift themselves. Several keynote speakers, tutorial speakers and SIGCSE speakers attended the conference.

Professor Jeyakumar of Bharthiar University delivered a tutorial session on Biomedical Text Mining. Inaugural ceremony and presentation of compute 15 was done by Mukesh Mohania, IBM who sharedhelpful ways to enhance the technical level of the students. A tutorial session by Sitaram Chamarty, TCS on distribution version control and the open source developer eco-system was held. On day two, Dr. Valentina Salapura, IBM master inventor and system architect at IBM Watson Research Centre talked about enabling enterprise workloads with high availability in the cloud.

The conference ended with a feedback session by the delegates and the authors.

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