Action Plan

If you really want to start building a healthier lifestyle, here is some advice about drawing up an action plan. Try out these easy ideas and you could soon start feeling energetic and active. Pick up pointers from the other Kidzone pages and make your own action plan.

Keeping germs at bay
 Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth.
 Wash hands before and after meals, playing, and after returning from a public place.
 Soap your hands for 15 seconds and wash them well.
 Eat hygienically prepared food, avoiding roadside fare.


Tasty snacks
 Roasted cashew and mixed nuts
 Green gram — cooked and seasoned with onions and mustard seed
 Fruit salad — chopped fruit with a dash of honey and nuts
 Fruit, carrot sticks and cucumber slices
 Chopped mangoes, strawberries and/or bananas, mixed with yoghurt. Add a pinch of sugar

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