AI proof skills of the future

Empathy: Empathy is one quality that makes us truly human. No matter how technologically sophisticated they are, robots will never have the innate ability to connect with and understand other human beings on an emotional level.


Creativity: A creative mind comes up with new inventions and ideas that do not currently exist. This is another skill that robots can never master.


Judgement: Can a robot replace a lawyer or a judge in the courtroom? Apart from logic and legal knowledge, resolution of courtroom conflicts calls for an innate sense of right and wrong, which robots can never boast.


Planning: Jobs that require dealing with ambiguity, cruising unknown outcomes, shifts in priorities and gaps in information will always require the unique abilities of the human brain.


Physical Skill: The physical skills of an athlete can never be matched by a robot. 


Leadership and Management: While an AI system can work on a series of inputs to dictate tasks to be performed, it lacks empathy and human understanding, must-have skills in a successful leader.


Sales and Negotiation: A successful business deal is preceded by a good sales pitch and negotiation. No AI-powered machine is likely to replicate sales and negotiation skills.

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