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All schools performing better than Delhi govt schools: PPRC report

December 30, 2019

The Public Policy Research Centre (PPRC) on Friday released a report on Delhi’s education titled ‘Politics of Performance vs Politics of Propaganda: A comparative analysis of education in Delhi government school vis a vis MCD schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas.’ According to the research, the entire country is performing better than the schools under Delhi government. 

Sumeet Bhasin, Director of PPRC said in a statement that the report revealed the Kendriya Vidyalayas have outshone Delhi government schools on several parameters – both in terms of student pass percentage and marks obtained in senior secondary classes. He said, “Instead of taking the opportunity to introspect, the Delhi government instead has chosen to deny the facts and said that it was ‘unfair’ to compare.”

He further added, “Regarding the obnoxious statement of unfairness of comparison, it is the Education Minister of Delhi who arrogantly challenged publicly to show any school that is performing better than Delhi government schools.”

In 2015, the Delhi government schools achieved a 95.81 percent pass percentage. It is to the credit of the AAP government that it the pass percentage has gone down to 71.58 in five years. Bhasin said that hiding behind such a deplorable excuse shows the irresponsibility and a fundamental lack of sincerity on the AAP government’s part when it claims that they are revolutionizing Delhi’s education.

Bhasin also said, “Now that the reality is made public, the government that was so loud all these days is suddenly nowhere to be seen. In fact, they had to hide behind an Adviser in the government to issue a weak response to these findings.

Our report reveals the incompetence of the Delhi government and the deeper one goes into the government’s performance, the disastrous its record proves to be. So it would serve well to the Delhi government to accept the utter failure of their policies and stop offering obnoxious excuses to cover up their sheer ineptitude and callousness towards the futures of lakhs of students.”

Source: IANS

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