Arya Gurukul celebrates family bonds this Navratri

This Navratri, Arya Gurukul, Nandivali, paid their respects and showed their gratitude to the elders of the family in a grand celebration after two years of the pandemic.  

The festivities began with a unique ‘Grandparents’ Day’ celebration by the children of Little Aryans Pre-K and Arya Gurukul, Nandivali, on the 30th of September, where they shared a day of fun and frolic with their loving grandparents. 

The function began with a special medical checkup, arranged for the grandparents. This included a complete health checkup of the grandparents, who do so much for their families, especially their grandchildren. The doting grandparents witnessed priceless performances by their grandchildren, who put forth many beautiful acts by dancing and singing. There were also several games, STEM activities, art and craft activities and Laughter Yoga to engage the grandparents mentally and physically. 

The celebrations continued with a ‘ Matru Pitru Pujan’ by Arya Gurukul students on the 1st of October. Children paid their respects to their parents. Recreating this wonderful act of honour, an age old tradition in the Indian culture, filled the air with love and gratitude. 

This auspicious occasion saw an overwhelming gathering of 500 parents and students together who had assembled to revive and celebrate our ancient tradition of parental reverence. Every year the school celebrates Matru Pitru Poojan during ‘Navratri’. The students perform aarti for all these nine days by singing bhajans.  On the Tenth day that is commonly referred to as Vijayadashmi or Dussehra, immersion of Navdhanya takes place (the seeds of inner renewal which are sown & sprouted). This tradition which is deep-rooted in our culture, enhances the parent- child bond and ingrains in the children, the values of respect and love for the elders. 

The divine rituals of Matru Pitru Poojan was conducted by Swamini Anaghananda, the Acharya of Chinmaya mission, Thane. The celebration included pious and celestial bhajans and  ‘Matrustavanam shlokas’ in praise of mother’s selfless and unconditional love. The pooja was followed by “Garba”. The dance form that symbolized the circle of life. It was performed with great zeal and enthusiasm by students, parents and the teachers. 

Speaking on this occasion Radhamani Iyer, Principal (Arya Gurukul) said, “This traditional adage is the manifestation of reverence towards parents and their unconditional love.” She added that parental support is crucial for every child and cultivating inner strength and self-dependence in the child is a must.” 

“I have not seen any other school organizing such an event that instills the finer values among our children. It is a much-required value for today’s generation and should be replicated in other schools as well” spoke a parent, feeling nostalgic. The event came to its closing with the chants of Shantipath. 

All the offerings at the Puja such as rice, oil etc.  were recycled for further use in some way or the other as the school believes in celebrating all festivals in an eco-friendly manner. 

“Grandparents and parents are the first teachers of a child. Showing gratitude to them is an important part of our Indian traditions and we want to imbibe the same in our children from a young age. Imbibing a love for our culture is one of the elements of Arya Gurukul Schools”, said Bharat Malik, chairman of Arya Gurukul. 

“It is heartwarming to see how children love to express their feelings of joy and gratitude to their elders. We give them a chance to revisit their unconditional love for each other”, expressed Dr. Neelam Malik, Director, Arya Gurukul school. 

The day ended with a Garba dance reflecting the joy and festivities of the season. 

The grandparents were touched by the celebrations, especially the medical camp , that reminded them of taking care of their health. The parents were moved by the Matru Pitru Pujan  and shared that they will remember this day forever. 

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