B.Pharma or D.Pharma? What You Should Pursue?

“Medicine is the science of ambiguity and art of possibility.”

B.Pharma or D.Pharma

Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing various drugs. It is an age-old profession which has now turned into a “Global Healthcare” career.

Over the years, the field has become dynamic and versatile with increasing work opportunities. Pharmacists work on a variety of domains in the healthcare sector and carry out a range of activities. Various education institutions also provide regular courses in pharmaceuticals such as D pharmacy, B pharmacy, M pharmacy, and more. Many institutes also conduct private exams before taking admissions. The process of D pharmacy admission is similar to that of every other course, pan India.

There have been many speculations in students about which one they should pursue: D pharmacy and B pharmacy. Majorly it depends upon the individual interest.

Here is a glance at D Pharma and B Pharma courses that can help you decide which is a better futuristic option for you:

Although both the courses are job oriented, there are only a few differences that set them apart. These differences may also help you choose your field of career and make your choice easier.

B Pharma

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate program in the field of pharmaceuticals studies.
  2. After the completion of the course, professionals can make a career as a pharmacist.
  3. They can work in the industrial sector of manufacturing and provision of medicines, including the prescriptions.
  4. It is popular among students who have recently completed their necessary school studies
  5. It provides work opportunities for the professionals in both the private and public sector.
  6. You can also pursue a master’s degree after completion of B pharmacy.
  7. Professionals can work in pharmaceutical industries at varied positions or can work as a pharmacist.
  8. B Pharma admission process in India is based on intermediate education and various entry-level exams.
  9. A few subjects of the course are Human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical biotechnology, and more.
  10. The duration of the course is 4-years.

D Pharmacy

  1. Doctor of Pharmacy is the postgraduate course in the field of pharmaceuticals studies.
  2. In many countries, it is an eligible education to hold a license as a practising pharmacist.
  3. It is also popular among students who recently completed their school education.
  4. The course provides work opportunities in both the private and public sectors.
  5. While practising, students are exposed to many clinical and pharmacy services of real-world under the supervision of doctors.
  6. D pharmacy primarily trains aspirants in various hospital and industrial settings and helps in pursuing further studies or clinical research.
  7. After clearing the examination and holding a license, the practitioners can exercise anywhere in the country.
  8. The process of D Pharmacy admission is just like other regular courses.
  9. A few subjects of the course are pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical research, medicinal biochemistry, and more.
  10. The duration of the course is 6-years, where final year is dedicated to an internship program.

Future Job Prospects

B Pharmacy

Once you hold the degree of B pharmacy, you can pursue further studies or can work in various fields such as pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions, and research firms.

D Pharmacy

After completion of D Pharmacy, you can opt for a job in pharmacy sectors like hospitals, pharmacy institutions, clinics, clinical research associations and more.

Choose Your Career Based On Your Interests

The pharmaceutical industry provides ample work opportunities. A first career can be built by taking a B pharmacy or D pharmacy admission through various processes. Universities like UPES in India provide D Pharmacy admission through various test forms. At UPES, you can learn about varied curriculum such as the details of medicinal effect on the human body and more. The curriculum at UPES covers all the aspects of the healthcare industry and is aligned as per the industrial needs.

The difference between B pharmacy and D pharmacy is that their studies and job prospects are different. Whether you want a career in D pharmacy or B pharmacy, it depends on your interests. The process of D pharmacy admission and B pharmacy is similar in universities like UPES. The growth prospects are high.

Choose your career based on your interests and future prospects.

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