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Benefits of online proctoring

Proctoring is the process of conducting timed exams using online invigilation system and various devices such as webcam, mic and various others. Everything from invigilation to final report of the candidate is done online. The examinee can appear for anywhere and the examiner can keep a check on the candidates. The individual who monitors the examinee from the remote area is known as proctor. He has a check on the surroundings as well as all the activities of the test giver. Proctoring has become very much necessary in the present times. 

The education system is undergoing a major shift and more e-learning methods are being adopted. The errors are very less as any disturbance during the exam comes into notice of the proctor. Various educational institutions and Companies now use online proctoring for conducting safe and cheating free online exams. This has helped to extend its reach across different geographies and proctor the examination conducted even form the remote area. There are three types of online remote proctoring. These are Live, auto and recorded proctoring. These exams are conducted in an authentic manner and after proper verification of the candidates. Various benefits of online proctoring are as follows:

  1. Makes education more accessible for all: It helps to make even international education accessible to all. Students now gain knowledge sitting in any part of the World. There is flexibility in selecting the time and the place. Educational institutions are coming up with a virtual learning system and e-learning programs and courses for the students. These courses can be assessed globally. Examiner can also take the exam from any place and the candidate can appear for the exam from any place and at any time.
  2. Ensure safe examination environment: The invigilation by the proctor ensures the safe examination environment without any discrepancies. It establishes cheating free environment. They keep the track of the activities of the students from remote places. In the time of online education and training, this is a more conclusive method of conducting exams as they ensure that examination takes place properly and efficiently.
  3. 3-Point authentication of the students: The proctor ensures the authenticity of the candidate appearing for the exam. There are a series of identity checks. At first, the candidate has to get them registered, upload the Id proofs and then click the real-time picture of them while appearing for the exam. The remote proctoring also keeps a check on the surrounding of the test taker’s and ensure that there is no chance of cheating or getting undue benefit during the exam.
  4. Suitable for all types of exams: It is used for all kinds of test or exams. These can be used for all kinds of exams like aptitude, essay types, objective type or subjective type. It also helps in conducting digital exams. Use of certain devices to ensure cheating free conduct: During the test, the students need to keep their audio and video on. The proctor easily invigilates them and can keep a complete check on them. Any suspicious activity easily comes into the notice. Hence, ensures that there are cheating free exams. 
  5. Can not browse any other thing: While appearing for the examination, the candidate may try to open other windows along with the exam. With the use of such software, this thing can be eliminated and the candidate can not open any other browser or window during the duration of the test.
  6. Favourable for examiner and examinee: The proctoring software is suitable for both people undertaking exam that is examinee as well as the examiner. The test can be conducted from the remote location. The invigilation can be done from any place. In such a case, there is no need for physical centres. The students can appear from any place and at any time. It is suitable for local students as well as the students living at far off places.
  7. Suitable for all kinds of exams: This software is suitable for all kinds of test or exams. These supervise all kinds of exams including aptitude, essay types, objective type or subjective type. It also helps in conducting digital exams. It further simplifies the process of assessment by generating a report both for examiner and examinee at the end of the exam.
  8. Disable any kind of sharing options: While using such software, the individual is prevented from sharing any information during the examination. It disables the feature of browsers and new tabs, search engines and websites, screen sharing, external ports and printing, data sharing and cut, copy, paste option. Candidate in no way can share any information or transfer such information while the exam is in progress.
  9. Security of information: At the start of the exam, the candidates have to enter certain information for their authentication. This information is stored in the system and can be retrieved as and when required. Also, various encrypted technologies and systems are put to use in order to protect this confidential information of the candidates.
  10. Manual and live invigilation: The software offers both the manual and live invigilation of the candidate giving the exam. The proctor can have 360 degrees tour of the area where the test giver is giving the exam. They can detect any kind of disturbance that takes place in the exam and can disable the exam of the candidate in case of cheating or any other unsuitable circumstances.

Online proctoring is a more easy option for educational institutions and students. There are issues related to cheating and content fraud. Using such software has eased the process of undertaking and evaluating the exams. With coming up of AI and its hardcore use with the human mind proctoring, has enabled the institutes to safely and efficiently conduct exams. Institutes can easily rely on this software for hassle-free exams. Therefore, with the new learning methods coming in and e-learning becoming important for every educational institution, proctoring is also becoming very important simultaneously. One can go for this software to increase efficiency and productivity at the same time.

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