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Bharti Foundation mobilizes children to join Water Conversation; FIT India initiatives

October 3, 2019

Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises has mobilized more than 1,00,000 students, 8500 teachers and 10,000 local community members across 1000 villages to support the national initiatives like Water Conversation and Fit India initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Through the series of events like Pledge Ceremonies, Swachhata Pakhwara, Hand-Wash Day and Awareness Rallies, organized across 192 Satya Bharti Schools and more than 650 Government schools supported by Satya Bharti Quality Support Program, the Foundation has energized students, teacher and community members to support and raise awareness on the importance of cleanliness and water conservation in their surroundings. Bharti Foundation also formed more than 850 Swachhata and Hygiene clubs in the Satya Bharti schools and Government schools to conduct regular sanitation and water conversation drives in their respective villages along with local panchayats and Government authorities.

Marking its support to FIT India movement, the Foundation also conducted 2 KMS students race and other fitness sessions in the Government schools under Satya Bharti Quality Support Program.

Bharti Foundation has been working in the area of rural sanitation since 2014. Through Satya Bharti Abhiyan program, the Foundation has delivered more than 23,000 toilets across 1230 villages and 11 urban local bodies in Ludhiana and rural Amritsar District benefitting over 1,75,000 beneficiaries. Through its education programs for rural India, the Foundation is currently reaching out to more than 2,60,000 students in close to 1,000 schools across 16 states and Union Territories and inspiring these students and community members to bring about behavioral change towards sanitation and water conservation. The campaigns by students has helped in them in bringing awareness amongst the communities they live in. The students of Satya Bharti Schools have worked as agents of change and motivated their parents and community to build more than 3500 toilets at home.

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