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Bihar: School threatened after hijab removal directive; investigation underway

December 4, 2023

In Bihar, a public school is under threat from the families of female students after teachers instructed them to remove their “hijab” within classrooms, according to an official’s statement on Saturday.

Om Prakash Singh, the District Education Officer of Sheikhpura, stated that the principal of Utkramit Madhya Vidyalaya in Charuavan, Sheikhpura district, filed a complaint regarding the incident. According to the principal, Satyendra Kumar Chaudhary, several family members of girls belonging to a religious group forcefully entered the school on November 29.

Expressing their displeasure, they confronted the principal about the girls being instructed by the teaching staff to remove headscarves within classrooms. The District Education Officer (DEO), Om Prakash Singh, mentioned that the families were vehement in asserting that they would not permit the school to function if their girls were not allowed to adhere to their customs. The DEO added that, according to the principal’s complaint, they also issued a severe warning, stating that those who did not comply with their demand would face the risk of being “beheaded.”

Om Prakash Singh informed that the matter is currently under investigation at the departmental level. The Block Education Officer has been directed to visit the school, conduct a thorough inquiry, and submit a comprehensive report.

The DEO emphasized the strict stance on not allowing any type of veil inside classrooms. If enforcing this rule raises security concerns, legal measures will be pursued, as stated by Om Prakash Singh.

Source: PTI

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