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Bihar Skill Development Mission launches Recruit-Train and Deploy model

June 28, 2018

Taking a step further in skilling the youth of Bihar, Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) – a Government of Bihar initiative – announced the launch of its Recruit-Train and Deploy (RTD) model at a Road Show hosted in Bengaluru on June 22. This is BSDM’s third Road Show after Gurgaon and Mumbai. The initiative would further accentuate its skilling mission and effectively help in skill training of the youth.
The event saw participation of representatives from major industries such as IT/ITES, Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction, Service, Textile, and major HR and placement agencies. Most of the industries welcomed the RTD model especially the flexibility to industry partners in exercising the trainings and the modularity it provides in trained workers on the job. Industries pointed to the unique context of the domestic sector wherein the demand is there but the industry is finding it difficult to deploy people especially if migration is involved. There is a need to increase awareness of people aspiring to work in the sector; industries appealed the BSDM their help in the mobilisation of people from Bihar to undergo training.

Speaking at the event, Dipak Kumar Singh, IAS, principal secretary, Labour Resources Department and CEO, BSDM highlighted the specific characteristics of RTD model that will give industry the flexibility in training candidates to their specific requirements. RTD is the first of its kind scheme modeled on providing flexibility to industry to train candidates from any location having no restriction pertaining to location specificity. He further stated that RTD model is a flagship and unique program of State Mission in which for merging of two different training into one, and while the training will be imparted by industries as per their norms, the cost of training will be borne by BSDM.

He said, “The willingness of our department in collaborating with industry and its consortium with placement agencies or training partner, Sector Skill Councils, and most importantly with training providers in addressing the concerns and developing BSDM as the best model for skilling.  BSDM is successfully running this model with 15 industries and training partners and deployed about 600 Bihari Youth overseas and different parts in the country.”

He further added, “BSDM would ensure the quality of the industry partners entering the scheme and as the industry partner would be granting post training placements, therefore RTD is specifically designed to help industry train candidates’ specific to their requirements. This will be highly beneficial to industry partners as they would be saving critical costs and time in training candidate on firms’ specific skills”.

Project director Amit Pandey said skilled people and industries very much complement each other. Industries can increase their productivity with the support of skilled workforce and skilled people can get the skill premium as a return.

Training providers welcomed the new provision and the flexibility the RTD provides. For example Concentrix, Himalaya, Flipkart, Paytm, Reliance Jio showed their willingness to partner with BSDM to train candidates from both within and outside Bihar. The focus of the Road Show was on major industries like IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Automotive and Service to explore partnership for the flagship programme.

Leading stakeholders including representatives from Reliance Jio, Concentirx, LM Wind, Himalaya, Flipkart, Café Coffee Day, Paytm, Rittelindia, Quitesindia, Silcom Micro System and other companies, government officials, attended the programme. Mission director Sanjay Kumar delivered the vote of thanks to delegates.

Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) was constituted in the year 2010 with the vision to increase the capacity and capability of the system to deliver quality skill training and professional knowledge to the youth to enhance their employability and bridge the skill deficit with a view to meet the growing demand for skilled manpower.

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