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Blooming Lotus Preschool, Anna Nagar, Chennai was established in 2013 with an objective to produce a self confident, creative child who can make simple decisions easily, enjoy learning and achieve wholeness.

The mission of Blooming Lotus Preschool, Anna Nagar, Chennai is to provide a positive atmosphere that supports all members of the group, strategies strengthen dispositions for learning and advance development in social-emotional, physical, and cognitive areas.


The campus hosts colourful, spacious and air-conditioned classrooms with attractive interiors and furniture, fully covered outdoor play area, an indoor play gym, sand pit, library and first aid facilities. The school also houses multimedia room for visual learning.

The preschool hosts active learning centres for multiple intelligences and offers children opportunities to build on and expand their strengths.

1. Verbal/Linguistic Centre comprises of book nook, writing corner and story time

2. Logical/Mathematical Centre comprises of puzzle and logical thinking

3. Musical Centre includes music instruments and singing circle

4. Visual/Spatial Centre has dough, collage, painting, drawing

5. Kinesthetic Centre has an imaginative play center, outdoor play, gross motor center

6. Interpersonal Centre consists of a puppet theater and group discussion area

7. Intrapersonal Centre includes one-person stations and life skills


The preschool aims to maintain the ideal balance of creativity, flexibility and structure that makes learning joyful for the child. The preschool’s curriculum is child centric and follows play way method.

The preschool offers the following programmes:

Play Group (1.5 to 2.4 years)- Designed to embrace young children with love and support in a cozy environment and provide stimulation, interaction, routine and exploration opportunities. The programme offers play way strategies, music, material and hands on exposure provided to make them independent.

Nursery (2.5 to 3.5 years)- This programme has creative play and the multiple intelligences as its underlying philosophical basis and aims to adapt children to new social interactions with adults and peers. Children are trained in life skills, language, numeracy skills and social skills through art and craft, cookery, drama, music and movement, gross motor activities, sand and water play and nature linked activities. The programme also focuses on logical, physical, aesthetic, creative, social and language development.

LKG (3.5 to 4.5 years)- The Multiple Intelligences method is followed to give children a foundation in practical life skills, sensory experiences, math and language along with creative arts, music, and gross motor activities.

UKG (4.5 to 5.6 years)- This programme trains and prepares children for regular school and teaches them social etiquettes, speaking skills, vocabulary building, knowledge and understanding of the outer world and number work.

General Information

Admission Age
1 Year And 4 Months


Please contact the preschool office for information on admissions and fees.


The school believes that besides intelligence, children should grow up with strong values of love, kindness, respect, commitment, honesty and courage, to guide them in their life.

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