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Inspiring young minds to code
Yash and Yashika Learn about Coding

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Yash and Yashika Learn about Coding is the first offering of a two-part storitivity (story-cum-activity) series – pre-basic and basic — for learners in the 4-6 years age group, authored by Dr Swati Popat Vats, president of the Mumbai-based Early Childhood Association.

This publication is timely and relevant given that educationists and IT educators are advocating the introduction of age-appropriate computer coding study programmes in primary and pre-primary schools to acquaint 21st-century children with computers, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Coding is also widely believed to improve academic scores, build confidence and improve communication skills.

This deeply researched book uses well-designed fun play activities while the twins Yash and Yashika – the main characters – and their parents narrate a story to teach children the essential principles of coding such as debugging (by looking for errors in worksheets), the importance of sequencing (by charting out routines while getting ready for bed or school), algorithms while making a sandwich, if-then-else conditions and looping among others.

Enriched with colourful graphics and nursery rhymes, Yash and Yashika Learn about Coding familiarises children with pre-basic coding terminology and breaks the myth that computers and robots are not magical but human creations that need programming instructions to do the work we want them to do.

No doubt this book will inspire young learners to think logically, apply their minds and create critical code!

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