Books to alleviate exam stress

R. Poornima Dilip

With class X/XII board and other term-end exams scheduled for March, students are beginning to feel the pressure and stress of preparing to write the all-important do-or-die final examinations. Here are four books which enable children to develop exam positivity, cope with stress and anxiety and learn important exam prep and time management techniques

Exam Warriors
by Narendra Modi | Publisher: Penguin eBury press | Price: ₹125
Be warriors, not worriers, advises PM Modi in this book specially written to motivate students preparing to write school and college exams. Written in an interactive style with illustrations and activities, Exam Warriors is replete with winning mantras for students, parents, and teachers to overcome exam stress. They include practical and thought-provoking advice to improve physical and mental well-being, overcome stress and build self-confidence, while emphasising the importance of dreaming big. The PM also shares useful insights into the many benefits of yoga and the need to harness the power of latest technologies to improve learning outcomes.

Chanakya in the Classroom
by Radhakrishnan Pillai | Publisher: Rupa Publications | Price: ₹204
This book promises to provide students guidelines to lead a “successful and stress-free student life”. It addresses several issues confronting students using the wisdom of Chanakya — the famous 4th century philosopher, economist, jurist and author of the political treatise, Arthashastra. It details the importance of developing habits such as punctuality, structured study and making time for revision. It also advises students to participate in co-curricular activities for all-round personality development.


Laugh and learn with Dr. Parikh
by Dr. Samir Parikh | Publisher: Rupa Publications | Price: ₹283
In this well-researched mental health comic series, well-known psychiatrist Dr. Samir Parikh addresses the social and emotional challenges faced by children and adolescents. He advises and motivates children to face stressful situations with humor and shares scientifically researched techniques to improve concentration and memory, to alleviate exam stress. The book also guides parents to play a supporting role by creating a stress-free home environments.

Maddie’s scary exam
by Tosh Cole | Publisher: Freight Broker My Way | Price: ₹1,406
This book narrates the story of Maddie, a school-going girl child. Maddie’s big exams are near, but she feels she isn’t ready for them even after months of preparation. That’s when her mother steps in and motivates her to develop inner strength and confidence to face this and other challenges. She also helps Maddie develop other virtues such as empathy and community spirit. Maddie’s mother is an inspiring role model for all parents.

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