Build lifetime of confidence in your child

Every child in this world is born with the extra ordinary brain. Only if it is harnessed at the right age then it really shapes the future for the child.

Do you know that there is a platform which allows parents to find genius in their child ?

Do you want to see what amazing feat even your child can achieve with BrainCells ?

Watch the video of 2 year old Ammar who is one of the 2000 students and practicing BrainCells for last 6 months.

Shocked? BrainCells has shocked parents all across the globe with these results.

Tejasa PotnisBrainCells co-founder Tejasa Potnis who is pursuing education leadership program at Harvard University and has over 10 years of experience in early child education says – “Between age 0-5 a beautiful phenomenon happens. Child’s neurons form connection in the process of Synapto Genesis, if Right Brain Education and Cognitive neuroscience based activities are performed in this age then every parent can see wonderous results in their child”

BrainCells Online Web and Mobile App focuses on cognitive neuroscience, Right Brain and Whole Brain Development. Specific 12 brain functions are stimulated in this program with very one-of-a-kind and innovative activities .  Program progresses and activities more and more become complex. Moreover with BrainCells also analyzes the data of children’s responses and in process of presenting very useful reports to parents about child’s progress. AI & Machine Learning is being developed to make the personalized program for every child and their needs.

Flash cards play an extremely important role to build the photographic memory. BrainCells covers over 3000+ categories of encyclopedia knowledge cards, Language Word Cards and math dot cards.

And all this needs only 5 to 10 mins of child’s time.  Yes that’s right. Just 5 to 10 mins. And all are self performable learning activities. Hence no long screen times, No online classes or teachers. As simple as it can get.

Apart from Flash cards there are 120+ activities which come in a structured format with daily exercises – like Mandala, Linking Memory, Peg Memory, Photo Play and BrainCells proprietary activities like – You Got It, Whos the guest, Pattern match, Grid match, Sorto, Connections,  and many more. 

BrainCells also provides opportunities for children to explore and learn foreign language at an early age – German, French, Japanese language learning programs are also  included in the BrainCells.

In order to align with founders vision of making Education accessible for parents, BrainCells provides it’s program at a very pocket friendly subscription of just Rs. 600 per month.

You can find more details on their website

BrainCells founder duo are also fun and super accessible. You can reach out to them anytime on LinkedIn –

Pratik Potnis –

Tejasa Potnis –

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