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Cambridge English organised conference on AI and English learning

October 10, 2019

Cambridge Assessment English, a department of the University of Cambridge has organised a conference on “Artificial Intelligence and English language learning, teaching and assessment” in New Delhi on 9th October, 2019. More than 50 language teachers from various schools / colleges have participated in the conference held at The Metropolitan Hotel, Bangla Sahib Road, New Delhi.

With the development of Internet, Information Technology in today’s digital era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made many breakthroughs in the field of education. The conference aimed to focus the application of Artificial Intelligence in English learning, how Artificial Intelligence optimizes English teaching and assessment.

Dr. Angeliki Salamoura, Principal Research Manager, Cambridge Assessment English, UK was the keynote speaker of the conference and she explained the recent techniques of language learning through Artificial Intelligence and how it is more effective than traditional learning / teaching methods.

As a part of the teacher support program by Cambridge Assessment English, the conference offered guidelines to the teachers to improve the learning atmosphere in the English classroom and an in-depth exploration of the value of modern information technology. Topics like artificial intelligence, technological innovation to improve the language learning, English language teaching were discussed in the conference for the better understanding of the participants.

Dr. Angeliki Salamoura, Principal Research Manager, Cambridge Assessment English, UK said “Artificial Intelligence is on the rise of education field worldwide. By integrating Artificial Intelligence and language based activities we can enhance the effect and mode of English learning, teaching and assessment”. She also added that “Artificial Intelligence powered language learning promises fast track fluency.”

The teachers gathered quality information on Artificial Intelligence and its application in English language learning and assessment through this conference which will help them to use technology in the process of modern English teaching, learning and assessment.

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