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Chandigarh school demands presence of parents for online classes

April 28, 2020

After a pornography video started playing during an online class on the Zoom app, a school in Chandigarh Capital Region (CCR) has asked parents of the students to be present during a session. The incident took place over a week ago when a science teacher of Class X was about to start her lecture on reproductive system on Zoom. About 45 students had joined the session.

HuffPost India reported that the teacher had stepped out to do a final video and audio testing on her son’s computer when the porn movie started playing from one of the students’ screen. The teacher realised it and ended the session in almost five minutes. However, the student denied that she was responsible for it and said that her father was present in the room with her when the incident took place.

Due to such issues, Singapore had earlier banned teachers from using the app after the hackers crashed sessions, shared obscene photos and passed some lewd comments. Even though the popularity of the app has shot up the roof during the lockdown period, there has been several concerns regarding safety and privacy. The Home Ministry in India has asked government officials not to use the app for any official purposes as it is not a safe platform.

Source: HuffPost India

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