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Chinese consulate revamps school in Dr. Kotnis’s hometown

December 22, 2023

The Chinese consulate in Mumbai, in collaboration with a Chinese firm and the local civic body, has played a key role in enhancing a school in Solapur city, located in southern Maharashtra. This city holds historical significance as the hometown of Dr. Dwarakanath Shantaram Kotnis, a physician who served on the frontlines during the Sino-Japanese war.

The inauguration of the upgraded Camp No.1 Camp High School of the Solapur Municipal Corporation took place on December 14, attended by Chinese Consul General Kong Xianhua, Yapp India CEO Chen Huazhu, and Solapur Municipal Commissioner Sheetal Teli Ugale.

Dr. Kotnis, born in Solapur in 1910, played a crucial role in a medical mission during the Sino-Japanese war, saving lives and training Chinese medical workers. He passed away in China on December 9, 1942, at the age of 32.

On the 80th anniversary of Dr. Kotnis’s death last year, Consul General Kong Xianhua announced a collaboration between the Chinese Consulate, Chinese companies, and Solapur Municipal Corporation to establish a Dr. Kotnis Friendship School in Solapur. Subsequently, the Chinese consulate, in partnership with Yapp India, invested Rs 50 lakh in various improvements, including a new drinking water system, sports ground development, entrance gate renovation with enhanced security, CCTV installation, and wall painting.

During the inauguration ceremony, Consul General Kong expressed the Chinese people’s desire to contribute to Solapur as a way of honoring Dr. Kotnis’s sacrifice and heroic contributions. He emphasized the importance of investing in the education of young students, considering them the future of the country, and fostering the spirit of friendship between China and India through initiatives like the Dr. Kotnis Friendship School.

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