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Kolkata schools’ pre-board exam results show rise in number of low performers

Class 10, 12 board exams won’t be mandatory twice a year: Dharmendra Pradhan

October 9, 2023

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has announced that students will not be mandated to appear for class 10 and 12 board exams twice a year. The option to take the exams twice annually is being introduced to alleviate the stress caused by the fear of a single opportunity. Pradhan emphasized that the dual-exam system would be entirely optional, with no compulsion for students. He mentioned that students often feel stressed about losing a year or missing out on better performance, and this option aims to reduce that stress.

The New Curriculum Framework (NCF), unveiled by the Ministry of Education in August, includes holding board exams twice a year to provide students with more time and opportunities to perform well and retain their best score. Pradhan mentioned that students have reacted positively to the plan for biannual board exams and that efforts are being made to implement them from 2024.

Regarding the issue of “dummy schools,” where some students attend coaching classes instead of regular schools, Pradhan acknowledged that it could not be ignored, and discussions are needed. He highlighted the need to address this concern as it affects students’ personal growth and mental well-being.

Pradhan also mentioned that the government is working to ensure that students do not require external coaching and that the education system is designed to be student-centric and comprehensive. He addressed concerns about student suicides, particularly in coaching hub Kota, and stressed the collective responsibility to ensure students are stress-free.

The Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) is being reconstituted to adapt to the evolving demands of the education system, especially with the implementation of the new National Education Policy (NEP). Pradhan discussed plans for offshore campuses of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and guidelines for foreign universities to establish campuses in India.

He concluded by emphasizing the collaboration between the education and skill development ministries to equip learners with the necessary skills for success in the 21st-century workplace, including the creation of skill hubs and the Academic Bank of Credit to facilitate the integration of skills and experiences into the education system.

Source: PTI

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