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Clone Futura launches WhizSchools – a unique computer curriculum for all school boards

March 14, 2019

After the success of WhizJuniors, Mumbai headquartered Clone Futura Education – India’s leading provider of customised training and support services in computer, iPad and smartphones – has now launched WhizSchools, an exclusive computer curriculum that supports all school boards. The curriculum is designed for the needs of all students from grade 1 through 12 and enables them to learn computers on computers thus eliminating the use of textbooks.

Schools also have the freedom to customise the content as per their use, either by adding or deleting topics from its curriculum to be taught in their respective schools. WhizSchools is a result of three years of extensive, deep-rooted and rigorous research. The curriculum of WhizSchools is designed by experts certified by Google, Adobe and Microsoft. Already implemented by several schools across India, it offers students a simplified and easy to understand computer curriculum with a personalised dashboard for the learner. It can enable learning both with and without the Internet. The analysis for the learning is also automated and the results of assessments are directly sent to the student’s parent to keep a record of their child’s progress.

Commenting on the launch, Vidushi Daga, founder & CEO of Clone Futura said, “We  are proud that we also stand with the government’s aim of reducing the school bag weight by focusing on elimination of textbooks. WhizJuniors and WhizSchools is a part of our mission to create life changing tech-experiences that embolden students to shape the future and revolutionise the world digitally one step at a time. Being in simultaneous touch with the revolutionised world, we aim at making our kids ‘Learn Computers on Computers’, at the same time, building the most In-demand Skills that helps shape the future of our students.  Through WhizSchools we are confident it will make both learning and teaching as a process easy. With the help of a personalised interface and automated analysis of the results it makes it easy to understand and keep a record of learning for every student”.

Simple, easy to operate and understand and result oriented, WhizSchools makes learning fun while achieving the desired learning outcomes. The unique concept of Flip learning also benefits learners wherein students can refer and watch video tutorials at home and then perform practical’s and attend discussion forums in the classrooms. The idea is to steer India towards achieving its goal of ‘Digital Literacy’.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Clone Futura Education offers customised training and support services in computer, iPad and smartphones to people of all age groups – kids, women, and senior citizens at their availability and convenience. To know more, please visit

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