Compassion is the true sign of wisdom

EducationWorld July 2022 | Spotlight Feature
– Mukesh Sharma, founder-CEO, Prometheus School, Noida

“When we are motivated by compassion and wisdom, the results of our actions benefit everyone, not just our individual selves or some immediate convenience.” – His Highness- Dalai Lama

Compassion is a virtue that cannot be cultivated through dictum but can be sowed, nurtured and developed. You might know all the mathematical equations in the world and all the scientific formulas, but they stand of no use if they are not used for making someone’s life better.

Prometheus School is committed to and passionate about making children not just critical thinkers but also compassionate human beings. Instead of ‘if you don’t work hard you will end up poor’ we believe in ‘if you work hard, you will be able to make the world a better place for the poor’. 

Service is an integral part of the way we live as active and caring members of the community, and involvement in service projects is of paramount importance. Students are encouraged to participate in service activities throughout their years at Prometheus School. We also support students who wish to pursue their service interests if they feel that there is a need that is not being met. Prometheus School strives to ensure that every student has many opportunities during his/her time here to put others first and to help solve problems faced by the community. 

At Prometheus, we believe in shaping our students into global citizens with compassion for their fellow beings and concern for the planet they inhabit. To foster these virtues, we have partnered with organisations which share a similar vision of making the world a better place. They include NGO’s such as Maanushi (women empowerment), Saahas (awareness about the responsible disposal of e-waste), Fiapo (welfare for animals) and many more.

Going beyond the IB curriculum, we aspire to enable our children to appreciate the importance of the sustainable development goals and also adopt them. This helps our students to realise that resources are borrowed and not owned. Infact, the infrastructure of the school is designed to let in more natural light with objective of conserving electricity and making it available for those who need it more.

We integrate our entrepreneurial clubs with case studies of famous contemporary leaders and businessmen to enrich our children with the understanding of ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.

We endeavor to make our students imbibe leadership qualities by introducing them to the work of world leaders like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Swami Vivekananda, Dalai Lama and so on. 

As an institution of learning, we firmly believe that compassion is a virtue of the wise since it is instinctively present in all of us but often takes a back seat due to the materialistic desires we bind ourselves to. However, compassionate individuals understand the importance of self-emancipation and are driven to dispel not just their personal sufferings but also ones that plague the world. 

Compassion is a prerequisite for the attainment of real knowledge and realisation of the ultimate truth.

  • Compassion makes an individual more emotionally fulfilled and mindful
  • It reduces suffering
  • Expands perspective and identity
  • Helps one connect better with others
  • Helps to develop deeper understanding  
  • Promotes peace

By and large, compassion is an indicator of inner wellness and wisdom. Gautam Buddha might not have been the mightiest king, but he was surely a wise man full of compassion and love for all living entities. Being present to others and yourself, being sensitive to the needs of nature and other living beings with a compassionate heart requires rising above the vices of mankind and having a clear vision of the ultimate truth of life. A good human being is not taught but nurtured with seeds sown in the formative years. 

Prometheus shares this responsibility of nurturing global leaders and guiding them towards the light amid the darkness of the manifold problems plaguing our world. We prepare our students to put in their best to impact other lives positively. 

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