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Connecting young minds at Diplomathon World Symposium

November 25, 2022

Diplomathon Global is back with a second part to its flagship conference on 26th and 27th November 2022 being hosted in association with Podar International School IB, Santacruz. The conference will see students, who are in primary, middle, and high schools across India participating as delegates of different nations and organizations and discussing topics of worldly importance supported by Education World.

From Elon Musk purchasing Twitter to the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict, there is no escaping the fact that the world is changing rapidly, at a pace that is difficult to keep up with. Many events have altered and cemented the course that the world is walking on at the moment and, so it’s crucial for young children to keep up-to-date. The conference aims to be a platform for young minds to put forth opinions and formulate effectively related to matters of global concern. Participants will not only learn but also go to the depths of understanding how countries function together in formal sessions.

As we witness several world-changing events around us, it becomes quite difficult to explain the domino effect that affects even the most remote corners of the globe. Without knowing the pre-existing histories and relationships between countries, how could one understand the nature and causes of the crisis and its potential effects? The conference is structured in such a manner that students first understand the basics of geopolitics and then do in-depth research related to their portfolio i.e., their country and agenda of debate. This enables participants to learn the complexities of inter-country relations and in understanding this they learn about country policies as well as their allies, histories, current affairs, country strengths, and most importantly how a country responds to different international situations which helps them to make an informed, country-specific solution to the agenda given to them.

Diplomathon Global encourages students to voice opinions and cultivate crucial life skills that enable them to be better global citizens. This program facilitates the development of analytical thinking skills, enhances communication skills, and fosters the development of interpersonal skills so that participants can formulate solutions that will have a global impact.

The conference will have 12 plenary sessions debating within different committees on various themes like the Protection of citizens, land, and economy amid Taiwan – China conflicts, Tackling the climate crisis with innovative green technologies, Economic sanction on Russia and its effect on the EU economy, Deregulating the market to make it easy to start a business, The state of food security and nutrition in the world in 2022, Regulation of Digital Services Tax (DST), Accelerating MSMEs in G20 through digital and economic transformation and many more. These topics are discussed in conventional as well as un-conventional committees like NASA, Internet Association, World Economic Forum, United Nations Security Council, G20, European Union, and several more. More than that, as the conference also caters to younger grades, it has committees like MARVEL, Harry Potter, and FIFA. As a result, first-time participants can learn how to debate in a fun and engaging manner, further developing their love for debate, and dispelling the myth that debates are tedious and boring!

The conference provides the students with a forum to interact with students from across India. They will not only leave with a trove of knowledge but also with an array of memories and friends.

Diplomathon Global provides experiential learning services across geographies to empower students to become future-ready. As part of its goal to be accessible, the global organization provides services to more than 1,200 educational institutions in more than 12 countries. It has impacted the lives of more than 1 lakh students across the globe by educating them about the impact of geopolitics and globalization. Diplomathon has curated 90+ conferences across a period of 6 years, the most recent one was its flagship conference in Mumbai – Diplomathon Global World Symposium (Part 1), and it’s annual international Diplomathon Global Dubai 2022 which was held in Dubai, UAE.

To learn more about Diplomathon Global or Get Your School Involved: log on to / [email protected]

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