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COVID lockdowns and our eduheroes 

– Kausar Sayeed and Arshiya Afsar, Partners, Learn2Lead

We have all heard of the famous quote – It takes a big heart to shape little minds. In this unprecedented pandemic that the world faces today, educators have emerged as large hearted heroes and frontliners! We say this not just because they are imparting learning through online sessions, but are now playing a major role in managing the emotional and mental stability of the children too. We call them the Preschool Eduheros!

Why do we call them Eduheroes?

Because the preschool sector has taken a bigger hit, than any other educational sector. They are now facing challenges that may even lead to complete shutdown of their schools. Inspite of the grim situation, they are making all efforts to be there for their little ones, fighting all odds.

According to a study conducted by Learn2Lead, we found them facing the following challenges –

  1. They have not been able to collect fees for the new session. Infact some are having a hard time collecting fees of the previous academic year as well.
  2. They have come forward to ensure that all their staff gets their remuneration, regardless of the school income taking a big blow.
  3. The peak admission period for any preschool is between March and June. This is when advertising, marketing, summer camps, outdoor activities and other innovative methods are used to capture the admissions market. This has completely come to a halt, with preschool owners unsure about the future of their schools.
  4. Day care centers and day care wings of existing preschools have been a big source of income in metro cities, which are now completely shut and their future uncertain. 
  5. Parents are considering not enrolling their preschoolers in any school this academic year. This may prove to be disastrous for the Early Childhood Education community. 

Inspite of the above challenges, our survey highlighted the following silver lining  –

  • Schools have made time tables to ensure that they make it easier for teachers to bring the school to the children at home.
  • They are trying to roll out new engagement activities to give the parents a solid reason to enroll the children for the new academic year and pay the school fees.
  • They are ensuring that they are mindful of the social and emotional well being of the little ones as well.
  • They are ensuring that the teachers and facilitators are empowered with the required training and tools to give their best to the children.
  • They are using new and innovative methods to advertise their schools online through digital media and social media marketing.

Though it is very challenging to conduct successful online teaching for the Preschoolers, schools and facilitators are rising to the occasion beautifully. The Early Childhood Association has been rolling out webinars and online workshops to make this process smooth for early childhood educators. Topics such as – importance of arts for children during the lockdown – drama, dance, puppetry! How to talk to your children about Covid-19? story telling sessions, parenting during the pandemic and so much more. 

It is so wonderful to see the entire early childhood community come together and work towards a common goal – Serving and safe guarding our children by touching their lives with zeal and enthusiasm. Each and every one of them is fulfilling their professional and social responsibility with passion and empathy. So, you see, our Eduheroes have shown us that – Build this Dream Together, Standing Strong Forever, Nothing Can Stop Us Educators!

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