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COVID19 Challenge: Educon International School online learning success

May 21, 2020

Nikhil Wagh + Educon International School

“The Covid-19 impact on our schools and community is rapidly changing by the minute. Therefore, our plans and responses must evolve accordingly. As our country prepares to continue its efforts to flatten the pandemic curve, we as educators should develop alternate learning methods to ensure the learning of all our students continues to move upwards. At EIS, our Virtual Learning Framework (VLF) has been successfully leveraging technology to engage, motivate and actively involve students in their own learning.”

– Nikhil Wagh, chairman of Educon International School, Baner, Pune.

The novel coronavirus pandemic outbreak and abrupt shutdown of educational institutions have led to unprecedented disruption in learning.

Viewing this crisis as an opportunity, the managements and staff of progressive schools across the country have been stepping up to design innovative online pedagogical solutions to ensure uninterrupted learning for students during the extended nationwide lockdown.

Educon International School (EIS), Baner was among the first institutions in Pune to respond to the Covid-19 threat through timely implementation of on-campus containment measures and seamless transition of its teaching-learning processes to online digital platforms.

EIS’ comprehensive virtual learning strategy includes:

Virtual Learning Framework (VLF): Educon International School management and teachers have worked together to create and deliver innovative content by using EIS Virtual Learning Framework (VLF) — a curriculum designed to achieve specified learning objectives by deploying technological tools to deliver the curriculum content and keeping learner engaged through real time communication and collaboration. Comprising Content Design, Curriculum Mapping and Planning, Learner Engagement, Communication and Collaboration and Real Time Communication (RTC), VLF enables a flexible and student-centred teaching-learning process.

EIS VLF is supported by Skype and MS teams video conferencing sessions, Flipped classroom, short WhatsApp videos, Facebook live,  school e-diary online activities of expressive arts and specially designed educational tools like Kahoot, Bricmath, Coderz, Flipgrid and many more.

“This unexpected situation taught all of us to explore more of the digital and virtual learning framework, engage students to experiment and innovate ideas and experience the wonderful learning outcome,” says Vinita Khaladkar, principal, Educon International School.

Video lessons: EIS’ existing Flipped classroom model enables students to take up the video lessons on various study topics at their own pace in the comfort of their homes. Teachers regularly upload additional learning resources to enrich the e-learning content.

Live online classes are conducted using group video conferencing platform, Flipgrid, Google Classroom, and Teachers are also sharing puzzles in game format using the Kahoot app.

Educon International School online Preschool class

Online lesson delivery for preschools

Online summer camp: With the help of Facebook live facility, an online summer camp is being organised where a plethora of activities like art and craft DIY, music, dance, cooking, coding, science experiments, academics with fun, and many more are offered free of charge for all students.

Series on coronavirus: An innovative first ever Facebook series of five episodes was broadcasted about the EIS family coping up to the coronavirus intrusion in our country. A special mention for the UNESCO initiative where EIS students recorded videos and answered few questions revolving around coping up and continuation in learning during the lockdown period. Teacher and parents also joined and recorded short videos, which are available on EIS’ social channels. Some of these were also displayed on the UNESCO website.

Extracurricular activities: A partner organisation Creative Connections, USA invited EIS to participate in the ‘ART from HOME’ project where students were required to create art pieces/drawings relevant to the current corona pandemic crisis.

Group songs and dance performances, photo collages of powerful messages, and online learning challenge were some of the social media activities conducted by EIS students to stay virtually connected and keep boredom at bay.

Teacher training: EIS teachers have been taking online courses to keep themselves abreast with globally benchmarked pedagogical practices and latest innovations in teaching-learning. Staff members also donated their one day’s salary to the CM relief fund for the coronavirus crisis.

“The school starts its new academic year in June every year. This time EIS has started the Virtual Learning Framework (VLF) that will help kick start the new academic year on the right foot. We have also conducted a comprehensive survey for parents to gauge the readiness for continual online learning,” says Nikhil Wagh.

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