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Delhi: Atishi urges hybrid learning due to bad weather

January 22, 2024

Delhi Education Minister Atishi has directed officials to address the impact of adverse weather on schooling by developing a hybrid learning plan. Recognizing the disruptions caused by weather conditions such as heat waves and fog, Atishi emphasized the need for a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the challenges faced by students.

The directive specifically involves the integration of the Delhi Model Virtual Schools (DMVS) program with the conventional physical school model employed by the Delhi government. The objective is to create a resilient educational system that can adapt to various weather conditions, ensuring minimal disruption to students’ learning experiences.

Atishi highlighted the significance of DMVS in achieving this goal, emphasizing that all Delhi government schools would be transformed into hybrid models through this initiative. The overarching aim is to shield children’s education from the uncertainties posed by weather-related disruptions.

She further noted that adverse weather, such as heatwaves during summer and fog in winter, frequently hampers schooling in Delhi. Through the implementation of DMVS, the government seeks to reach students who may face challenges attending physical schools. This innovative approach is part of the government’s commitment to bringing quality education to every child, irrespective of their physical accessibility to schools.

The DMVS program, initiated by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in 2022, currently offers virtual schooling for students in classes 9 to 12. Additionally, it provides valuable test preparation support for competitive exams such as NEET, JEE, and CUET to Delhi government school students, ensuring a holistic and inclusive educational experience.

Source: PTI

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