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Developing children’s communication skills

PW invited parents of Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya (SKV), Gwalior to share how the school is helping develop their children’s communication skills

Developing children’s communication skills

Committed teachers of SKV have played a crucial role in strengthening the communication skills of my daughter Innora (class X). She has not only learnt to communicate effectively but to empathise, show respect, and read others’ body language. Thanks to SKV, she is an avid reader who has learnt how storybook characters behave and communicate in different situations. SKV always encourages students’ participation in public speaking and oration, and organises special theater and communication workshops. These activities have boosted Innora’s confidence


— Mallika Dasgupta, public relations and corporate communications director, Adani Airport Holdings Ltd, Ahmedabad

My daughter Khyati (class IX) has exceptional dancing and photography skills. We enrolled her in SKV to learn in an environment that pro[1]vides maximum exposure to numerous extra curricular activities which help to nurture social, community and leadership among other life skills and prepare children for life. She is on the right track. Within a short span, she has learnt to communicate effectively, cooperate, solve problems and relationship challenges and develop emotional intelligence. With a large number of culturally diverse children around her, she has learnt networking skills early. This will benefit her later in life

— Sneha Dubey, Director, Manlitics B2B ITES Pvt. Ltd, Pune

Lately I have noticed my daughter Shruti (class VIII) shares her ideas on her career plans or about society in general with great depth and confidence. We attribute this improvement to her habit of reading non-curricular books at SKV. This becomes evident during our long telephone conversations, during which she shares story lines of the books she reads. We believe the SKV environment helps nurture these skills. The camaraderie among boarders creates a wonderful support mechanism which teaches her team work and collaboration.

— Jyoti Choubey, government high school teacher, Gauripur, Assam

We were woried about our daughter Sanvi (class VI) — an only child — learning the art of socialisation in a boarding school. On the very first day at SKV, she found herself surrounded by strangers from various cities, differing cultures and beliefs. But thanks to the empathy and nurturance skills of her teachers and non-academic staff including house mother, Sanvi has quickly learnt to socialize with peers and teachers and has developed a well-rounded personality. Through SKV’s rich menu of co-curricular activities including debates, essay writing, storytelling, she has improved her communication skills substantially. She expresses herself much better

— Samarth Agarwal, businessman, Firozabad

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