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Digital and Cloud Technology Company Qentelli Adopts a Local School for a Transformation Initiative

April 5, 2023

Qentelli is a Digital and Cloud Technology company based out of Dallas with its Global Innovation Centre at Hyderabad announced on April 4, that it has adopted Mandal Parishad Primary School, Siddiq Nagar, Hyderabad.

The school, which serves 250+ students from primary to 5th grade, is noticed to be underfunded and lacked basic amenities such as clean drinking water, functional computer labs, sanitary facilities, and well-trained staff.

With limited resources and dried up funds during the pandemic, the condition of the school worsened. The water purifiers are rusted, bathrooms are dilapidated, books in the library have become unusable, lack of staff, and the computer room has turned into storage space, destroying the existing machines.

Recognising the critical role that primary education plays in preparing young people in their academic footprint, Qentelli has committed to investing in the school to help students thrive.

Over the past month, Qentelli has worked closely with school administrators to understand the condition of the school and the immediate needs. The water infrastructure has been restored to provide the kids access to filtered water. New books are being provided for the library so that the students have access to knowledge. In an attempt to create a space which is conducive to learning, the entire school is being redesigned and refurbished. Engineers from Qentelli are hiring lab technicians and training the staff while helping in the reinstallation and makeover of the computer lab. They are also ensuring that the students have access to nutritious food to support their physical growth. Their Operations and Facilities team will conduct regular visits to monitor and support. This is just phase one of Qentelli’s plans for the school.

“We believe that the initial years of a child’s life are imperative to set the tone for their future,” said Prasanna Singaraju, CEO and Co-founder. “This is why we have endeavoured to lay a foundation for their future. Our aim is to fulfil the fundamental needs of hygiene, food, and infrastructure that is integral for a student’s holistic growth,”

“We are happy to support Qentelli in their efforts to promote education and make a positive impact in the community. Together, we can build a brighter future for all,” says Alice Dungey, Director – Technology QMO at Southwest Airlines. Alice has been a big proponent of philanthropy and would be part of the inauguration event to be held on 4th April 2023, where the students will take to stage to showcase their talents.

Qentelli is committed to supporting the school over the long term and plans to continue investing in technology and education initiatives to help ensure that students have access to the resources and support they need to succeed. The company hopes that its efforts will inspire other businesses to get involved in giving back to the society.

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