ISRA 2020
ISRA 2020

Dr. Pavan Podar

EducationWorld October 12 | Education World Eduleader Bytes

Chairman, Podar Education Network

Where would you place education on your national list of priorities? 
At the very top. A strong national education movement will have a positive cascading effect on all sectors of the Indian economy. 
How best to upgrade government schools.
Government and private schools can learn a lot from one another. A positive first step would be to encourage close co-ordination in infrastructure development and management, staff training and student exchange programmes. 

Thinker/philosopher you admire most. 
Swami Vivekananda. 
Your favourite Noble laureate.
Mother Teresa.  

Your leadership style.    
I believe in action-driven leadership. Individuals, teams and institutions are best led by example. 

Your favourite book on leadership.
Good to Great by James C. Collins.

For or against the RTE Act mandate reserving 25 percent primary capacity for underprivileged children?

Should education outlay be doubled by cutting defence expenditure?

The issue is not the quantum of education expenditure, but the impact and accountability for every rupee spent. Efficient use of current outlays can bring about drastic change. 
How satisfied are you with the growth and development of the Podar group of education institutions?
Satisfied but never satiated. A lot more remains to be done. 

Pessimistic or optimistic about Indian education?
Optimistic. We have always had the people, resources and ability to overhaul the system. It is now a question of getting the job done.

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