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Dreamtime Learning School Launches Career Pathway Program with Michigan Colleges Alliance

June 7, 2023

Dreamtime Learning School announced the launch of its ground-breaking Career Pathway Program in partnership with Michigan Colleges Alliance (USA). Dreamtime Learning School is the first online school in India to launch this programme, aiming to provide students with extensive resources, knowledgeable assistance, and priceless opportunity to succeed in their chosen professional pathways. The initiative is unique in that it encourages students to pursue a holistic approach to lifetime learning.

Ms Lina Ashar, Founder of Dreamtime Learning School, said, “As the education ecosystem is witnessing a magnificent realm to a new and innovative approach, we are delighted to collaborate with Michigan Colleges Alliance (USA) and launch the unique initiative ‘Career Pathway program’. With this program, we aim to provide our students with a holistic and comprehensive approach to learning, equipping them with better knowledge, skills, and experiences, which will have lifelong benefits to excel in their chosen careers. This partnership is a significant milestone in our commitment to providing holistic and career-focused education. With a similar approach, we look forward to partnering with several other renowned universities to provide credited courses during school, thereby direct admission post Grade 12th.”

As an AccessMCA Associate School, all students nominated by the schools of Dreamtime Learning School will be eligible for admission to AccessMCA. Furthermore, upon completing 24- course credits through AccessMCA, these students will be guaranteed admission to at least one MCA member college or university. Additionally, all students who complete AccessMCA and enrol at an MCA member college or university will receive scholarships per their merit and qualifications.  

Speaking about the partnership, Ms Sheila K. Bauer, Chief Executive Officer of Michigan College Alliance (USA) said, “We are happy and thrilled to be associated with Dreamtime Learning School for the phenomenal initiative ‘Career Pathway program.’ The program aims to provide students with a comprehensive educational experience that prepares them for successful careers. We aim to provide students with the opportunity, skills, and information they need to succeed in the workforce by fusing academic curriculum, hands-on training, and industry connections. Together, we are committed to empowering the next generation of professionals and bridging the gap between education and employment”.

The Career Pathway Program is designed to provide students with a clear roadmap, enabling them to identify their interests, explore various industries, and develop the necessary skills to achieve their goals. By allowing top management to attend the annual Education Executive Leadership Summit, this alliance will additionally determine the benefit to Dreamtime Learning School. Additionally, it will extend an invitation to a few instructors who have been recommended by online school Dreamtime Learning to take advantage of special development possibilities provided by a few member institutions.

This online school believes in empowering its students to become confident, capable, and skilled individuals. The program invites students, parents, and educational stakeholders to explore the Career Pathway program and witness its transformative impact on student’s educational and professional journeys.

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