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Eating right for schooldays

My son is tired by the time he reaches home from school though he eats a good lunch. He gets home at 4 p.m in the school bus. As a result, he is in a bad mood for one-two hours after coming home, and I am sure lack of food is the main reason. How can I get him to eat more?

Eating right for schooldays is important for children’s health and nutrition. If your son doesnt eat well at lunch, an additional drink could help. A little bottle with fruit juice, flavoured glucose or flavoured milk could provide the additional energy. Or, pack an additional snack box to eat on the return journey home. You could also keep a drink or snack handy to eat as soon as your child gets home. Remind your child to drink water frequently. Dehydration can also cause fatigue and mood swings.

Though you may be seeing the effect only after school, dont ignore breakfast, the most important meal. If breakfast is ignored in the morning rush, setting the alarm 10-20 minutes earlier might help. A full glass of milk, a breakfast rich in carbohydrates and a few nuts or dry fruits will help to keep up energy levels.

If your child is fussy in the mornings, resort to quick fix options like cornflakes or bread and cheese. So if your child refuses breakfast, you can offer a different option instead of letting her go to school without it.

Quick-fix food ideas

Peanut-butter date sandwich

Store some chopped dates (preferably Arabian) in a box. Any time you want, spread peanut butter on brown bread, add chopped dates to make a sandwich. You have a nutritious meal in two minutes! Serve with a juicy slice of watermelon or apple.

Baby potatoes

Pressure cook baby potatoes and get a family member to peel them the previous day. In the morning, keep them out of the refrigerator for a while. Heat ghee or butter, add the potatoes, chilli powder and salt. Toss for a while (add chopped onions if you like) till the potatoes get a light brown crust, and serve hot for breakfast.

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