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Enabling children to adjust to new city/school: Suncity School, Gurgaon

PW invited parents of Suncity School, Gurgaon, to share insights on how they enabled their children to adjust and adapt to a new city and/or school

“Ten years ago when we moved back from the US, my daughter Shriya (class XII) was seven years old. When she was enrolled in class II, she was obliged to study Hindi compulsorily. Though her school gave her the option to choose an easier Hindi course, she decided to take the regular course as most children spoke fluent Hindi. Her American accent was making it difficult to communicate with others, leave alone make new friends. My husband and I fixed a meeting with Shriya’s Hindi teacher to understand the course requirements. Based on her advice, we invested in some Hindi language guides and began to coach our daughter at home. Within no time, she was able to fluently converse in Hindi and gradually made new friends.” — Kavita Nayyar, accounts head at 80 dB Communications

“When we moved to a new neighbourhood recently, we taught our 17-year-old daughter Charvi (class XII, Suncity School Gurgaon) to make friends with our neighbours. Through them, she made a bunch of other friends and now the list is endless. Moreover, we also encouraged her to teach the children of the domestic help in the area on weekends and holidays. Inspired by her, many children in the neighbourhood have also taken to voluntary work,” Shishir Gagan Singh, astt. general manager, SAIL

“The beginning of school season for any child can be quite overwhelming. It was no different for my 12- year-old daughter Anishka (class VI). We decided to take her on an advance tour of the school especially the play areas, the colourful classrooms, the sports complex, music and art rooms and other activity areas. On the day school opened, encouraged by her teachers and staff in familiar surroundings, my daughter settled in with ease. Since then, she has always looked forward to school.” — Shivani Kapoor, director, Intellitots Learning

“I have always believed teachers play a critical role in education. On the day my daughter Aanya (now 11) was to leave play school for regular school, she was very nervous and on the verge of tears. Her nursery class teacher Sangeeta Bagchi, of whom she has fond memories till today, made an extra effort to calm her down and allayed her fears of studying in a big school. For the rest of the academic year, Aanya never once made excuses for not attending school. Since then, she has adapted well and transformed into an academically bright and confident young lady.” — Anuj Kapoor, managing director, Nawab Motors Pvt. Ltd

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