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EducationWorld April 2022 | Spotlight Feature
– Saurabh Modi, Founder-Chairman, Neerja Modi School, Jaipur Saurabh Modi

Education is an equaliser that helps an individual soar high; it also propels a country’s development by reducing its unemployment rate and increasing the GDP growth. Education is widely regarded as the mainstay of national development. Quality education can eradicate major roadblocks to development by equipping individuals with the necessary skills, values and enabling development of a mindset that can create innovation breakthroughs. The success of individuals and the nation are interdependent, and both can be shaped by education. 

It is heartening to learn that the authorities of Neerja Modi School (NMS) are making a conscious effort to provide opportunities to the less privileged sections of our society. They are relentlessly striving to bridge the gap through initiatives such as “Nischay”. 

Nischay – a school for underprivileged girls – was started as a community outreach programme by Neerja Modi School (Shri Modi Shikshan Sansthan) on October 15, 2004, to provide free education to girls from families below the poverty line. It aims to provide these girls with quality education along with life supporting and vocational skills so as to empower them with dignity of life. 

Shahnaaz Syed, a student from Nishay, currently works as a receptionist at NMS. She credits the school for helping her acquire various skills in visual and performing arts and sports. When asked about her experience at the school, she said, “I have learnt immensely at the school, got a job thereafter and all the support I needed for my family during times of crisis.

I dreamt of studying at the school even as they were constructing it. I made haste and applied immediately when I heard about “Nischay” from a friend. My learning streak continues, as I am constantly encouraged to develop new skills. I’ve learnt working on the computers and accounting on the job, I’m also learning graphic designing in my free time. This has impacted my self-confidence positively. The school is a safe place for women, and they encourage all genders equally. 

Even though my parents are uneducated, they were particular about educating me and my three siblings. They feel so proud to see me thrive in the school – which is more like a family to me now. I love that I’m working at my dream school.”

Neerja Modi School has built a reputation as one of the best places to work in. Another first-generation success story is of Nisha Pathak, daughter of the school janitor. Nisha, a student of class XII at NMS, has already secured admission at Lewis and Clark University in Portland (USA) with a full scholarship for her psychology studies. The counselling sessions at the school helped her understand her core strengths and learn about the higher education courses available for pursuing the career of her choice. 

“I’ll miss my teachers and friends from the school, the spacious green campus that’s always brimming with positivity, I will miss my home. The campus is not just my school where I studied from kindergarten to class XII, but it is also where I live. My father works here, even my younger brother studies at the school,” she said when asked about her life at NMS. She further added, “The teachers are all so supportive, I received guidance when I needed it the most. I had every opportunity to pursue everything I was interested in; I was part of the swimming and football teams and also enjoyed painting. I understood the importance of appreciating our community and working with them. I intend to return to India and work with an NGO after my higher studies. I want to give back to my community and I will certainly be back to serve my country.”

There are many such exemplary success stories emerging from the school year-on-year. NMS is committed to nurturing future global citizens with high-quality education and values.            

Learn more about the school’s work on https://www.nmsindia.org/activity/student_led_initiatives

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