ISRA 2020
ISRA 2020

Ensuring children’s online safety

PW invited teacher-parents of Nehru World School, Ghaziabad to share their insights on how they ensure online safety for their children

“With digital devices becoming ubiquitous, we have installed child safeguard options on our mobile phones and laptops so our 12-year-old son Priyansh can access only age-appropriate online content. I also believe it’s important to stay connected with preteens. Therefore, we encourage dinner table and bedtime conversations to advise him and raise his awareness about online safety. We have also enrolled Priyansh in basketball and theatre classes to minimise his screen time.” — Nishu Verma, nursery mentor

“Online safety is of critical importance for children exploring the online world. Therefore I make it a point to monitor my eight-year-old son Advik’s online activities and have password protected download options. Moreover with my teenage daughter Ananya (13), we have daily conversations about the dangers of cyberspace and appropriate online behaviour. Ananya loves to watch Youtube videos of dance tutorials but only under our guidance.” — Poonam Gairola, facilitator


“My daughter Aadriti (5) is fascinated by the Internet. But we ensure her screen time is limited and work actively to inculcate this discipline. We also engage in friendly conversations with her to make her aware as far as possible of the dangers of cyberspace. Given that children often imitate their parents, we hope Aadriti takes to a healthy reading habit as we love reading books and keep our digital devices usage to the minimum.” — Kamini Mittal, science teacher


“Inspired by my tech enthusiast husband, our ten-year-old daughter Anavee is turning tech-savvy. While we don’t formally restrict her screen time, we warn her about the dangers of divulging personal information online and making friends with strangers, among other dangers. We have also installed security safeguards and content filters on our browsers. Additionally, we check her browsing history to ensure she is not under any threat online.” — Sunaina Sabherwal, PGT English

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