Evaluating children’s overall progress

PW invited parents of Navrachana & Vidyani Pre-Primary, Vadodara to share their perceptions of their children’s progress at the end of the academic year.

children's overall progress“We believe my seven-year-old daughter Annika (class I) is receiving well-balanced academic and co-curricular education, which is playing a critical role in shaping her personality and giving her ample scope to spread her wings. Encouraged by her teachers, she has developed the skills to make PowerPoint presentations independently and thoroughly enjoys the activity. This has boosted her confidence and she has developed interest in subjects beyond the curriculum. By participating in co-curricular activities, Annika has also developed decision-making, teamwork and confidence building skills.” — Sonal Bhavsar, CEO, Image Management Consultant

children's overall progress

“Year-end progress for us is not merely about academic and co-curricular education but about how it has helped our six-year-old daughter Shanaya (class I) become a better human being. Her school provides a warm, stimulating and safe learning environment defined by experiential teaching-learning, joyous educational field trips and art lessons. When Shanaya reads storybooks on her own or gets ready for school without our help, we feel happy and proud.” — Tophy Thomas, assistant teacher, Navrachana Vidyani Pre-Primary


children's overall progress“It gives us great joy to see our five-year-old son Pranay (KG) progress in life by setting small goals for himself fully supported by his teachers. His school’s nurturing environment coupled with innovative teaching skills is commendable. High importance is also accorded to parental involvement and conducting regular parent-teacher meetings. After sharing our observations about Pranay’s strengths and weaknesses with his teachers, Pranay’s overall performance has improved.” — Hetal Patel, homemaker

children's overall progress“We are happy and satisfied with the progress of our four-year-old son Viraj (KG) as we believe his school has a balanced approach to academics and co-curricular education which plays a pivotal role in children’s overall development. Viraj is being nurtured in a stress-free and joyous learning environment where his teachers and fellow classmates are supportive and encouraging.” — Edna Desai, primary teacher, Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya

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