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EW Webinar Online Education

EW Webinar on Online Education: The Good, Bad and Ugly

June 11, 2020

Schools have been closed for months and this has probably been the greatest destruction to education since the Spanish Flu of 1918. Educators are facing a lot of challenge as they had to move in a physical classroom into a virtual one and ensuring of teaching-learning continues. But there are disadvantages to it as well like lack of internet connectivity, children facing excessive screen time, classroom management among many. EW recently conducted a webinar on ‘Online Education: The Good, Bad and Ugly’ regarding the pros and cons of virtual learning during the pre and post covid-19 pandemic era.

Summiya Yasmeen, who is the Managing Editor, EducationWorld & ParentsWorld, was the moderator of the webinar and the list of panelists include Dr Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Executive Vice President, AISECT Group and Founder, Get Set Parent with Pallavi, and Brainy Bear Pre-School and Activity Club; Dr Kannan Gireesh, Psychiatrist, pscyotherapist and founder, Live Life Education and Rohan Bhat, Chairman, Children’s Academy Group of Institutions, Mumbai.

Bhat says that there are many challenges when it comes to online education but there are also solutions. One of the important challenges includes the availability of devices and the knowledge of the softwares used for the purpose. He explains that there are multiples softwares which are being used and there are so many options available that is anyone is new to this, it becomes very difficult adding that it is also a learning experience.

Meanwhile, from a parents perspective, Chaturvedi says that considering the current situation, although there is an elaborate six-step plan by the government on reopening schools all the way from higher classes to kindergarten, most parents are not in a mind to send there children to schools and are “happy to figure out the current system and have them safe and secure in their homes.” She further continues that the online education system is working well for the older children who are now accustomed with the various ways of using the devices and softwares but with the younger ones like the kindergartners, it is a little difficult as they don’t even understand why they need all of this. The primary school kids are reluctant but they are slowly understanding that they are learning and look forward to meeting their teacher and interacting with their peers onscreen, hence it is a new phase for them. Chaturvedi also adds that with the given situation where do not have any other choice, the online education system should not be written off as it help in the continuity of the education. They also learn multiple apps and newer thing. 

Gireesh says that almost 30 percent of children had gotten into some kind of digital addiction much before the lockdown. Speaking about the disadvantages of online education, he says that there are two problems – firstly, digital eye strain and secondly, since many parents have started going to work now, the laptop/phone is completely in the hands of the children as a result of which they get access to various sites and get addicted to it. 

Watch the entire video here:

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