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According to a report of Gartner Inc, India™s active mobile telephony connections will exceed 900 million by 2016, a national penetration of 72 percent

The demand for applications (˜apps™) software for digital hand-held devices ” mobile phones, tablets and i-pads ” is booming globally. Apps can be pre-installed or delivered as web applications by innovative software engineers to enable users of hand-held devices access a range of services at the press of a button.
The latest apps which are becoming the norm, are changing the way the world communicates, does business and accesses news and entertainment. There™s a world of digital opportunity for clever young engineers who are taking to apps development as a fast track career path. According to a report of the US-based Gartner Inc, which bills itself as the world™s leading technology research and advisory company, India™s active mobile phone connections will exceed 900 million by 2016, which translates into national penetration of 72 percent.
Study programmes
The essential skill-set required for a career in apps development is grasp of the software development cycle and suitable software languages such as Java, Swift, HTML 5, Java Script, C, C++, C# etc. Mobile apps developers also need to choose the operating system (aka platform) such as Google™s Android or Apple™s iOS, prior to learning the appropriate programming language to ensure compatibility with the chosen platform. Currently, there are five major mobile platforms, each with its own core language and development environment.
Academically, graduate/postgraduate qualifications in computer science ” B.Tech, MCA, B.Sc (IT) ” provide a sound foundation for a successful career in the mobile apps space. Moreover, specialised training and qualifications in the aforesaid programming languages will prove useful. However, professionals from non-technical backgrounds can also transform into apps developers by attending specialised diploma and certificate apps development programmes of private academies and training institutes.
Remuneration prospects
Career development and progression opportunities in this specialised discipline are immense, and span start-ups to established enterprises. Typically, apps developers start as trainee engineers and progress to become software developers and mobility architects in IT companies. Later, they are awarded titles such as mobility strategy consultants and mobility test engineers.
Remuneration packages of professionally qualified apps developers range from Rs.3-5 lakh per annum, and for gifted pros who deliver ˜killer apps™, the sky is the limit.
œApps development is the new driving force of the contemporary IT industry. With over 10 billion mobile internet devices expected to be in use by 2016, the mobile applications industry will need to grow exponentially to meet the demand for increasingly complex apps, predicts Husain Raniwala, senior software developer of 100 K Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a successful mobile apps development company promoted by him in 2011.
Professional profile
A self-confessed computer geek from his schooldays during which he acquired a penchant for developing software, Raniwala graduated in commerce from Burhani College, affiliated with Bombay University, and subsequently acquired a software engineering diploma from NIIT, Mumbai. After acquiring the necessary skills and experience, in 2011, Raniwala launched 100 K Solutions which has developed several killer apps for client companies. œThe apps development business has finally come of age with the emergence of a huge global market which will generate an annual revenue of over $25 billion (Rs.155,337 crore) by the end of the current fiscal year, says Raniwala.
During the past four years, 100 K Solutions has researched and developed data security and anti-piracy apps on the Android platform, and specialises in offline data storage sites. œAmong the many popular apps we have developed and available on Play Store are Iltemas Ud Dua, Digital Locker and the Broadcast app. Our company has also developed Exam Veer LIC and several messaging apps, says Raniwala.
With the ICT (information communications technologies) industry in a constant state of evolution and flux, and tech innovations and new products pouring into the global marketplace, Raniwala believes the IT industry and the mobile apps business in particular, offer box-office busting opportunities to IT professionals with inventive minds. œMobile connectivity is the future of IT and ICT, and all their services and offerings are likely to be provided through apps. Currently India has more mobile connections than computers and television sets. Therefore the future is exciting for qualified apps developers, predicts Raniwala.

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