Fevicreate encourages future scientists to make their own Chandrayaan

September 12, 2019

Chandrayaan 2, launched on July 22, 2019 is a momentous mission for India and the one unlike any before. India’s second lunar expedition is a scientific marvel and will shed light on a completely unexplored South Polar Region of the Moon. Today’s generation, especially children, are fascinated by the mission and dream of exploring the space. The mission will create a history when it lands on Moon on September 7.

On this occasion, Pidilite, under the aegis of Fevicreate programme, aims to reach 100000 students across 650 schools in 25 cities and provide them a platform to experience and learn about Chandrayaan and the space. Fevicreate as an initiative seeks to go beyond traditional teaching methods and instead adopt a ‘learning by doing’ approach, thereby incorporating creativity into the learning process.

Chandrayaan 2All through the month, Fevicreate will encourage the future scientists to try their hands at creating their own version of Chandrayaan, using the specially designed Fevicreate Chandrayan 2 sheet (Crafting sheet) provided by Pidilite and Fevicol A+. This sheet tells them all about the Lander and the Rover in Chandrayaan 2, and allows them to make a model of the same. The students will be assisted by the teachers and moreover the sheet also comprises of instructions that the kids can follow.The activity has also been captured in a video which has been launched on September 5.

Going a step forward,Fevicreate has also collaborated with Nehru Planetarium for an activity where kids will be creating Chandrayaan replicas. Over 500 students will be participating and will give wings to their imagination.

Dr Arvind Paranjpye – Director, Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai said “Chandrayaan 2 is a historic mission for our country and children should learn more about the same. We also believe Fevicreate’s Make Your Own Chandrayaan 2 initiative gives just the right platform for kids to explore and learn about space missions in creative and engaging manner.”

Mr. Shantanu Bhanja, CEO, Consumer Products, Pidilite Industries Ltd, said, “We believe in the power of art and crafts to help children learn. In lots of research, it is proven that making things – projects, beyond just seeing and hearing about them, deepen the learning process. The very acts of planning, cutting, pasting and painting for making art and craft projects are essential to the growth of fine skills development in children. Arts and crafts provide children the opportunity to fully explore their potential, build their self-confidence, and ensure their all-round development. As a part of the Fevicreate initiative, we endeavor to introduce new learning methods to the future scientists of India and offer them a platform to think out of the box and explore beyond textbooks.”

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