Fliplearn enabling every school to go online seamlessly by offering free subscription of Fliplearn Edge

EducationWorld October 2020 | Spotlight Feature

A study in 2016 on the future of online education in India predicted that it was set to grow to more than twice its size by 2021. However, what no one could have envisaged was that a pandemic would bring about an even more dramatic rise in virtual learning, not only in India but worldwide. It’s fitting to say that the education environment has changed forever.

Over the past few months, schools, students, teachers, and parents have adapted to new technologies and developed a level of comfort that was not there previously. Parents have also become more discerning and now look for e-learning platforms that offer them the best options. Schools are doing the same.

In view of the investment that schools and parents have had to make towards e-learning, cost has played a key role in this decision-making process. In light of this situation and to ensure students have uninterrupted access to knowledge, Fliplearn Edge, by Fliplearn, has stepped forward and waived off its subscription for all schools across the country for a limited time. The offer was announced recently so that all schools across the country have access to best quality solution for continued learning.

Launched in Jan 2020, even before anyone anticipated the lockdown, Fliplearn Edge, a virtual learning solution was launched for schools to guide, monitor, and evaluate a student’s learning even when the child is away from school. The tool’s features have been curated to give schools and teachers complete control of their students’ learning and to offer a fun and interactive learning experience.

Fliplearn Edge’s streamlined curriculum features well-designed integrated components that include LIVE Class Conferencing, 2D and 3D videos, practice tests, real-life application, topic synopsis, diagram maker, mind maps, and previous years question papers. The platform offers gamified quizzes as a participative learning experience, thereby improving the cognitive abilities of students and increasing their attention span.

Fliplearn has bridged all barriers and provided the platform where not only online classes could be held but assignments and assessments were done with ease. The quality of content enhanced the learning experience and the 24*7 support made available by the Fliplearn team is most commendable.”- Pallavi Dhir, HOD, English Department, MDN Public School – Rohtak

Fliplearn Edge enables teachers to upload videos, photos, or content at will while allowing for individual innovation and creativity. Teachers can also create question papers through an inbuilt bank with each question allowing a preset flexible format for answers – objective type, short answer type, or long answer type. They can schedule a test or assessment in advance. Other features that can be enabled (and edited as and when required) include the number of attempts, word limit, type, number of attachments uploaded, the time limit for a test. Teachers also have the ability to hide or show features and can restrict access to a certain group of students.

Moreover, the automatic corrections built with AI, provides teachers the much-needed respite from manual checking and can help them use the same time to provide individualized attention to every child.

As partners in the education of their children, parents are also able to collaborate with their child’s teachers and school.

“Fliplearn helps Teachers and students to link social learning with Home Learning. The interactive worksheets are really useful and students like to practice through the same very much” – Rajitha, Maths Teacher, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Koyilandi, Calicut, Kerala

By ensuring access to knowledge that is critical to students, Fliplearn aims to play a key role in helping bridge the learning gap created due to the pandemic. The subscription fee waive-off is one move towards participating and contributing to continued education for students, teachers, and schools. In a world that is changing fast, tools of learning and education must keep pace so that our next generation is equipped and empowered to march ahead. The ed-tech industry and key players like Fliplearn are just rightly placed to help and adapt to the future, today.

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