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Everyday Love — A Mother’s Guide to Healthy Cooking for Kids by Sharmila Ribeiro (Sharmila Ribeiro, 2017)

This is a treasure trove of easy-to-prepare, healthy and nutritious recipes for children. It features 177 recipes covering a wide range of foods including breakfasts, pastas, soups, salads, dips, sauces, spreads, breads, chaats, cool drinks, cookies and cakes. Among the best recipes are Restaurant-style Unfried Chicken — a baked meal which is a healthy alternative to fast food chicken which most children love; Indian-style quesadillas and lemon curd cake. The recipes are supported by attractive illustrations.

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A Nutty Story: The art of making dolls from coconuts by Anuradha Ananth Huggler (Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, 2018)

In this fascinating book, Germany-based Anuradha Ananth Huggler gives children an insight into traditional Indian arts and culture by highlighting the ancient craft of doll-making out of coconuts. These dolls were traditionally handcrafted by grandmothers and used as home decorations and/or gifted. 

Uniquely, the book is written in rhyming format. Here’s an excerpt:

“Nutraj, Nutya and Nutalie were on top of the colourful diverse pile.
They stayed there absolutely quiet for what seemed a long while.
Then a bright little tomato said, “I think we vegetables are going into a chutney so, in what dish are you three going to be?”
Shailja Jain Chougule’s vibrant illustrations add colour and life to the book.

Recycle Roundup

This online game is a great way to acquaint children with ways and means to segregate waste. Players need to help Gus the Gorilla sort trash into three bins. Children score points when they dump trash into the right bins, following it up with composting and recycling. This is a cool game to educate as well as reward children for learning to segregate waste. The game is available on National Geographic Kids, a safe website to visit, play and download from.

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