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Former Gujarat Minister makes school students promise not to eat non-veg food

January 6, 2020

Gujarat Assembly Speaker Rajendra Trivedi, who was a guest at the three-day golden jubilee celebrations at the Shree Narayana Cultural Mission in Ahmedabad made students of the school promise never to eat non-vegetarian food in their lifetime. He believes it is “not part of Indian culture”.

He further suggested offsprings of animals that were born with their eyes closed, were non-vegetarians. On his asking the students if they make such a promise, they chorused “Yes”.

Speaking in Hindi, Trivedi said, “Indian culture (Bharatiya Sanskriti) says that we should not eat non-vegetarian food. We should be vegetarian. Why? Our rishi-munis said that when a kitten is born, its eyes are closed. When puppies are born, their eyes are closed… cubs of tigers, lions, when they are born, their eyes are closed. So, those animals whose offspring’s eyes are closed when born, all of them are non-vegetarians, but, the children of human beings are born with their eyes open, therefore, we cannot eat non-vegetarian food. Nature has taught us this. Our saints have seen this.”

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Source: The Indian Express

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