Fruity Ice Pops


 3 cups strawberries (or other fruit like kiwi,
other berries)
 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
 1 tbsp honey

Preparation guide

 Blend the berries, honey, and lemon juice.
Strain mixture through a sieve to remove seeds if any.

Pour into moulds, making sure to leave room at the top. Insert sticks all the way down into each mould. Freeze overnight.

 To remove pops from mould, run under warm water for a few seconds.


 Mix berries, yoghurt and honey in a blender. Save few berries and drop them in whole before freezing.

 Puree diced melon with fresh lime juice and zest. Mix puree with lemon-lime soda.

 Pomegranate-cherry-banana. Fill mould one third of the way with pomegranate juice. Drop in slices of fresh cherries and freeze for one hour.Then add a second layer made from blended yogurt, ripe banana and pomegranate juice. Freeze for another hour and finish with another layer of juice and cherries.

 Blend chocolate milk and a pinch of cayenne pepper until frothy, and freeze.

 Combine brewed tea with citrus slices or small chunks of fresh fruit, and honey.

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