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Thank you for publishing “the world’s largest school rankings survey” (EW September). The survey is indeed a gargantuan undertaking which rates and ranks the Top 1,000 schools of the world’s second most populous country. As Prof. Gandhi Kingdon observes, the parameters on which EWISR ranks schools are truly comprehensive.
I salute the people who have made this laudable initiative possible, from C fore and its army of pollsters to the editorial team of EducationWorld, who have put the issue together.

Lalji Purohit


AAP’s great achievement

It is heartening that a state government school — the Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya, Delhi — has bested all of India’s 1,000-plus Central government-funded Kendriya Vidyalayas to be ranked India’s #1 government school in the EW India School Rankings 2018-19 (EW September).

Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party government deserves full credit for giving public education top priority and generously deploying financial resources to turn around its schools. It’s an inspiration and model for other state governments to follow.

Sheila Abraham


Average score omission

Thank you very much for ranking Presidency School, Bangalore South in the EducationWorld India School Rankings (EW September). However, in the last column featuring the CISCE/CBSE exams score, you have omitted to print our school’s CBSE class XII average score which is 90 percent. This information was emailed to your office on July 20.
J. Bhuvaneswari

Director/Principal, Presidency School, Bangalore South

We regret the omission — Editor


Mysterious ranking

Thank you for the EducationWorld India School Rankings 2018-19 (EW September). I wish to bring to your notice that Queen Mira International School (QMIS) has been ranked #4 in Madurai for the past three years. The stagnant ranking of our school by your team has prompted us to showcase QMIS’ improvement in standards over the past two years. We are the only CBSE-affiliated school around the world to receive membership of the Netherlands-based Council of International Schools (CIS). We are one among 734 schools worldwide, 21 in India, four in Tamil Nadu and the only school in Madurai to have been conferred CIS’ global accreditation.

CIS helps schools to introduce new international pedagogies and best practices, confers recognition for accomplishments, provides professional development aid and advice and facilitates student connections with leading universities around the world.

Therefore, despite QMIS having proved its standards at an international level, it’s a mystery why EducationWorld has ranked us unfavourably.

Ashrafa Siddika
Queen Mira International School

The annual EW India School Rankings Survey 2018-19 is based on the perceptions of 12,214 knowledgeable sample respondents who rated India’s Top 1,000 schools on 14 parameters of school education excellence. See p.45 of EW September — Editor


Qualified ban, please

I read with interest the expert comment essay ‘Impractical comprehensive plastic ban’ by Rahul Singh (EW July). For the past decade and more, we’ve been reading in the media about the government ban on use of plastic bags, but in reality everyone continues to use plastics. I agree with Mr. Singh that it would be more sensible for government to exempt certain categories of plastic from the ban. Only low-grade plastics should be banned.

Also government, schools and colleges should educate citizens about the environmental hazards of using plastics in our daily lives.

Mahesh Kumar


Incorrect title

I am a regular reader of EducationWorld which is doing a great job. I am sorry to write that in the EW India School Rankings 2018-2019 published in September, our school is wrongly published as Delhi Public School, Kotputli (page 206). The correct name is Delhi Public World School, Kotputli, Rajasthan.

Please issue a corrigendum and correct it on your website.

Ankur Gupta
Director, Delhi Public World
School, Kotputli

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